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Arm & Hammer are a supersized household name, they’ve been creating all manner of home cleaning products for decades now. Over that time, they’ve built up an undeniable reputation for quality, value for money, and performance.

With all this experience you can understand why they’d know a thing or two about deodourising things in the home. So, it’s not hard to see why they have recently entered the cat litter market.

Like all the other sectors Arm & Hammer operate in, they’ve started to dominate the cat litter industry. They are already creating robust and powerful products that put some other cat litters on the market to shame.

Today we’re going to look at some of the most popular kinds of Arm & Hammer cat litter on the market. We’re going to review the brand as a whole (and look at anecdotal reviews), and we’re finally going provide you with our overall recommendation.

Let’s get started.

Different Types of Arm & Hammer Cat Litter

So let’s start this off by looking at some of the most popular Arm & Hammer cat litters on the market. There are other products available, but the litters below provide a good overview of the kinds of thing they have on offer.

Arm & Hammer Litter Multi-Cat Slide Easy Clean-Up Clumping Cat Litter

This littler is a clumping product that is one of the highest reviewed cat litters on the market (of any brand) and it provides excellent value for money.

The “slide” feature that Arm & Hammer make such a big deal out of on their marketing for this product is brilliant. When you’re doing a full litter change, it’s horrible to have to scrape off litter that has been soiled and decided to cling to the litter tray.

It’s no overstatement to say that scraping litter like this off a tray is one of the worst parts about owning a cat.

With this product, that problem is going to be a thing of the past. The special formula inside ensures that all the litter is going to slide right off the tray and into the bin. We’re not saying that you’re never going to have to scrape the tray again, but it’s certainly going to be a much less frequent task.

Arm & Hammer Litter Clump & Seal Multi-Cat Litter

The clump and seal technology that Arm & Hammer use in this litter can be found in several of their products (including the one above). It’s a proprietary blend of materials that have been designed to create some of the strongest clumps known to man.

As soon as your cat’s waste hits the litter the clumps form almost immediately, it’s almost like they are alive and are actively seeking out more liquid to grow in size. Once the clumps have absorbed all of the waste they dry extremely quickly to form rock-solid clumps that have no chance of breaking apart when you’re cleaning up the tray.

It’s got 7-day odor protection which means you’re going to have longer between cleans without getting a stinky house, and it’s virtually dust free too. The granule size is also a nice bonus, and the smaller grain will feel very pleasant to your kitty underneath their paws – resulting in a low chance of rejection if you’ve got a particularly fussy cat.

Arm & Hammer Litter Double Duty Clumping Litter

This is a scented litter that is perhaps the most typical “Arm & Hammer” product on the market. One of the most well-known products that the brand produce outside of the kitty litter industry is baking soda. They include this stuff in everything from detergents to degreasers – and they’re using it in their kitty litter too.

The granules in this scented clumping litter are infused with the perfect amount of natural baking soda which destroys any odor creating particulate it comes into contact with. The “double duty” feature that gives this litter its name is referring to the power of the baking soda, and will eliminate odors from both “number ones”, and “number twos” with equal ease.

The clumps it forms are hard, quick drying and will not break apart when you’re cleaning out the tray – but admittedly, they’re not as hard as the product above.

The scent of the litter originally set alarm bells off for us as scented litters can actually make the tray smell worse with a blend of cat pee and weak cheap air freshener. However, Arm & Hammer know what they’re doing, and this is one of the few scented litters on the market we’re comfortable recommending.

The combination of the neutralizing capability of the baking soda combined with the powerful yet delicate scent creates a litter tray that’s so fresh you won’t even know it’s there.

It’s a truly great product, that is loved by many cat owners judging from the reviews we’ve seen.

Arm & Hammer Litter Multi-Cat Strength Fresh Scent Clumping Litter

This is a seriously heavy duty product that has been specifically designed for households that have more than one cat. It’s made from a combination of several of the technologies we’ve talked about in the products above.

It’s infused with baking soda, so it has got the odor killing properties that the brand is famed for. The clumping action is also super strong, super quick, and dries super hard (although, again, it’s not as hard as the clump and seal product we mentioned earlier). It has got a strong perfume that’s been applied liberally to the litter to be able to mask the smells of multiple cats without making things worse.

It’s a low tracking formula with a reasonably standard granule size, and it’s 99% dust free too – perfect for homes that have sensitive cats or humans in them.

Arm & Hammer Litter Clump & Seal LightWeight Multi-Cat Litter

This is one of the lightest cat litters on the market it’s 50% lighter than a regular litter. Arm & Hammer say this helps the product in the box last much longer, and that it’s great for multi-cat households as it’s easier to carry and store too.

We’re unconvinced of these benefits, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

It’s a clumping litter that’s 100% dust free and made with unique plant-based particles to create the strong clumping action that reviewers anecdotally seem to love.

It’s also a litter that has a unique low tracking formula. This is important because lightweight litters usually track much more than heavier litters (as they need less friction to stay attached to your cat’s fur). It has got odor control technology built into it, and it’s infused with baking soda to destroy bacteria and smells on contact.

Arm & Hammer Litter Super Scoop Fragrance-Free Clumping Litter

This super scoop litter is one of our favorite products from Arm & Hammer. It’s an unscented litter (which we love) and relies on odor control technology to destroy scents instead of covering up the smell.

As you can probably guess by now smells are destroyed in this product through the use of baking soda. However, this product works a little differently to some of the ones above. Instead of having the baking soda mixed into the granules as particulate, they’re crystals. This boosts the odor killing power and allows for ammonia smells to be destroyed instantly.

It’s a clumping litter that forms hard clumps that dry quickly. They’re very unlikely to break apart when you’re cleaning out the tray – it’s kind of the whole USP of this product. It’s one of the easiest to clean litters on the market, and smells stay locked away long after the litter has been removed from the tray.

Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Coupons

Arm & Hammer themselves don’t usually release coupons for their products. They’re already extremely well priced considering the quality of litter that you’re getting for your money. However, there are ways to save…

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Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Reviews

So now we know a little bit about the kind of products that arm and hammer create and the kind of quality you can be expecting from them. We took a look at loads of reviews for all of their different cat litter products, and here are some common trends we noticed that may be of interest.

Value – Nearly every review we came across talked about the incredible value for money that Arm & Hammer products provide. The larger box sizes were particularly notable for this and provide more litter per dollar compared to other brands. The performance of the litter also contributed to this sentiment, with many people saying they needed to remove less litter than usual – making the box last longer.

Clumping – Many people mentioned the super strength clumping of the products that have the clump and seal technology we mentioned earlier. They said that the clumps formed and dried quickly, but they were most impressed by the firmness of the clumps once they had dried. We only came across one or two reviews (out of hundreds) that said anything negative about the hardness of the clumps.

Odor Elimination – The products that Arm & Hammer use their baking soda in got very good reviews in terms of odor elimination. They’re clearly using their knowledge that has been gained from their years of keeping the rest of the home smelling great to good effect.

Scent – We did notice a few negative reviews about the scent in some of Arm & Hammer’s scented litters. This is quite honestly nothing unusual, and if you check out any scented litter from any brand you’re going to have people complaining about it. Some people will say it’s too strong, some people will say it’s too weak, and others will say it’s a bad scent.

There’s no noticeable difference between the satisfaction of the scent in Arm & Hammer’s litters compared to other brands reviews. So we’re confident that if you’re after a scented litter, these products are going to be more than acceptable – they’re no better or worse than other quality scented products on the market.

Pro’s And Con’s


  • Great brand with a huge amount of experience
  • Baking soda destroys scents easily
  • Strong clumping action doesn’t break down
  • Clumps dry quickly
  • There are several multi-cat formulas
  • A range of granule sizes to find a litter that’s right for your kitty
  • Good value for money


  • The scented litters have a mixed bag of reviews (like most scented litters do)

Is Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Good For Multiple Cats

Yes! Arm & Hammer have several products that are suitable for multi-cat households. However, some of them are single cat products too – so be sure to check the label before you buy if you’ve got more than one kitty sharing your home with you.

Here are 4 products to check out if you’re looking for an Arm & Hammer multi-cat litter:

  • Arm & Hammer Litter Clump & Seal Multi-Cat Litter
  • Arm & Hammer Litter Multi-Cat Slide Easy Clean-Up Clumping Cat Litter
  • Arm & Hammer Litter Multi-Cat Strength Fresh Scent Clumping Litter
  • Arm & Hammer Litter Clump & Seal LightWeight Multi-Cat Litter


So there you have it, now you know a little bit more about Arm & Hammer and the litter they create.

It was a smart decision for the brand to enter the cat litter market. The decades of experience they have with odor control in the home is clearly paying off. They’ve managed to carve out a decent market share in record time, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down.

We’d be comfortable recommending any of the products we talked about at the start of this article. They all provide great performance and good value for money, and as such, they’re all more than worthy of your consideration.

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