Sometimes it is the topic of good-natured teasing. In movies, it’s a tool to set up a comedic situation. However, If you have a sleep partner who snores, there is nothing funny about it. Not only is it a source of constant annoyance, but for the snorer, it can be immensely frustrating and even cause health problems. 

The statistics are staggering. Over 25% of the US population snores, and with a volume of 38 decibels, it can make for some very restless nights for those who share a bed with a snorer. There have been countless arguments this condition has created, and it has been so disruptive that statistics show it as one of the leading causes of divorce. This article will examine the causes of snoring, its health effects, and the ten best anti-snoring devices on the market.

What Causes Snoring?

The harsh sound of snoring comes from when the air you breathe vibrates the tissue in the back of your throat. In most cases, this happens when you inhale both through the nose and the mouth simultaneously. 

Types of Snoring

Several factors come into play in evaluating the severity of a snoring condition: sleep disruption, oxygen saturation level, and the snoring episodes’ frequency. Experts classify snoring into three categories. It is essential to identify which classification you fall under to know what will be the correct action.

Light and Infrequent

Everyone, at one time or another, will snore. The cause can be something as simple as an awkward sleeping position or a head cold. Light and infrequent snoring are considered normal, and other than possibly bothering your sleep partner every once in a while, it should not be a significant concern.

Primary Snoring

Snoring that occurs more than three days a week is considered to be primary snoring. Because of its frequency, it will disrupt your partner’s night more often and cause you to get less restful sleep. It can cause mild health problems; however, it could also be a condition that receives excellent benefits from using an anti-snoring device.

OSA-Associated Snoring

Snoring that falls into this category is the most problematic. If left untreated, it could have significant adverse effects on a person’s health. OSA-Associated snoring is a condition that is best treated by a physician with clinical expertise.

Health Effects of Snoring

The adverse health effects of snoring can range from mild to very serious. Sleep experts list them from symptoms as little as dry mouth and a sore throat, all the way up to the severe condition known as sleep apnea, in which the oxygen levels in the body drop.

Restful sleep is essential to good health. Snoring interrupts the natural pattern of our sleep. The lack of restful sleep affects our overall condition. Vital organs do not operate at their highest levels, our ability to deal with everyday stress is lowered, and the body’s immune system has more difficulty fighting off infection. While most problems are associated with fatigue, more severe problems can arise, such as these.

Morning Headaches

The lack of oxygen flow caused by snoring affects every part of our bodies, including the brain. Increases in headaches could be the result. Several studies have shown that frequent snoring can cause severe headaches and even chronic headache conditions.

Weight Gain

Those who snore more than three times a week are putting themselves at a significant risk of weight gain. As the condition exacerbates, it can become a more substantial problem, inhibiting breathing that eventually needs a physician’s attention. The increased weight gain often leads to sleep apnea, with more severe health risks.

Mental Health

As snoring interrupts our sleep patterns, it causes fatigue, leading to stress, depression, and anxiety. Again, this is a problem that can build on itself as the more anxiety or depression an individual has, the less likely they will get restful sleep.


People with long-term snoring issues are more likely to develop arrhythmia or irregular heartbeat. In extreme conditions, it can move into atrial fibrillation.


Snorers suffer from fatigue, sometimes to the extent that it can be dangerous to themselves and those around them. Every year, thousands of injuries are reported by people who fell asleep while driving or suffered attention lapses in the workplace or in dangerous situations.

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Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

Also known as GERD, this condition is often a problem with heavy snorers or those who suffer from sleep apnea. Related to the way the throat opens and closes during snoring, the disease involves varying pressure conditions that pull the stomach’s contents back up the esophagus.


Although not classified as sleep apnea, an individual’s snoring’s intensity level can cause atherosclerosis or narrowing the arteries. When the body suffers from a lack of oxygen through repetitive snoring, the narrowing of arteries combined with the oxygen debt can be dangerous, possibly leading to a stroke.

Range of Products on the Market

Sleep disorders are one of the most prevalent health problems. So it comes as no surprise that snoring, being the most common of sleep problems, has many companies manufacturing products to combat it. Advertisements for these products on radio and television are not uncommon. 

However, products range in quality and effectiveness. Also, new technologies hit the market every year. Companies looking to solve the problem of snoring must identify a couple of factors when designing their products. One, they must specify the type of snoring problem they are trying to solve. Secondly, they must create a concept that will be effective but not cause additional problems in their use.

The Types of Devices

Anti-snoring devices come in several categories that work in different ways to ensure smooth airflow. Each type of device has unique applications that address the most common types of issues that cause snoring.

Mandibular Advancement Device

Mandibular Advancement Devices (MAD) are anti-snoring devices that fit inside your mouth. They work by pushing the lower jaw forward, which opens up the airways.

Tongue Stabilizing Device

A Tongue Stabilizing Device (TSD) holds the tongue in place. Back sleepers often have difficulty with their tongue falling back into their throat, which causes snoring. TSDs address this problem.

Chinstrap/Mouth Closing Devices

These devices fit over the head and around the jaw; chinstraps are made of flexible materials such as neoprene to hold the mouth closed. It changes the direction of airflow, which can impact the breathing and vibration of tissue.

Specialty Pillows

Adjusting the position of our pillows is the low-tech way of addressing snoring issues. How many of us have used an extra pillow to keep our head upright to prevent this problem? However, technology has come a long way since the days of stacking pillows. Specialty Pillows have become a popular way of adjusting our head position to stop snoring.

Nasal Dilators

As the name suggests, Nasal Dilators (ND) fit inside or over the nostrils. Their purpose is to expand the nostrils to allow more free flow of air. They are especially useful if you suffer from nighttime nasal congestion.

The Best Devices on the Market – Most Expensive to Cheapest

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing a product. It is not only necessary that they treat snoring but do so, allowing its user to sleep comfortably. An anti-snoring product does no good if it awakens you due to discomfort during its use. After researching the many products on the market, we found these to be the best.

ZQUIET Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Solution 

Although they are popular, not everyone feels comfortable with an apparatus that fits on or in the nose. Mandibular Advancement Devices are a great alternative, and one of the best on the market is the ZQUIET Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Solution.

The engineers and ZQUIET recognized that people have mouths that are of different sizes. To accommodate these differences, ZQUIET Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Solution comes in two sizes. A real plus is no boiling is required. The uniquely designed hinges also allow for free jaw movement, creating more comfort while still holding your jaw forward to free airways.


  • Adjustable
  • Easy to clean


  • Could cause mouth soreness
  • Can cause production of excess saliva

LUXELIFT Bed Wedge Pillow

Although many useful snoring devices on the market encompass various specialty devices from mouthpieces to tongue stabilizers and nasal dilators, sometimes all that is needed is a change of position. Yet, as simple as this sounds, it is not easily accomplished. Back sleepers find this problem particularly challenging. 

Many will try stacking pillows to solve the issue. However, they do not remain in a fixed position, thus finding a stable platform is essential.

The LUXELIFT Bed Wedge Pillow is an ingenious way to solve this problem, creating a snore-free sleeping experience. It consists of an angled 2-inch thick gel memory foam that holds solid during sleep. The material is breathable and cool and has a quilted, natural, and washable pillowcase. Snorers who need a new angle on stopping their snoring will find this to be a great option.


  • Excellent for back sleepers
  • Does not require a device to be place in the mouth or nose


  • Will only help with snoring caused by back sleeping
  • Keeps you an upright position
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Somnifix Sleep Strips

Your breathing problem is simple to understand. When you sleep, you can’t keep your mouth shut. However, as easy as this problem appears to be able to fix, the standard device, the chinstrap, is not working for you. No matter how many different types you have tried, they feel too constrictive, causing you to awake over and over again.

Luckily, Somnifix Sleep Strips have you covered. These strips are an adhesive that is placed over the lips, keeping your mouth shut. They are not tape, but rather a transparent film that allows you to put on your lips before you go to sleep and then remove in the morning without a trace of residue. Do not worry about covering your lips, as simply opening your mouth will provide a force sufficient enough to dislodge them.


  • No insertion of device into the mouth
  • Easy to apply and remove


  • Not reusable
  • Expensive

Dortz Snore Care Set

The experts at Dortz have worked hard, perfecting the nasal dilator. That work has paid off with the second nasal dilator product of theirs to make our list, the Dortz Snore Care Set. The anatomically designed nasal dilators offer comfort and ease of use.

Using only the highest medical grade silicone, these differ from their other designs. They recognized that some people prefer to have a closed rather than a grated construction. Yet, just like their Snore Stopper Set, they come in two different closed designs and four different sizes.


  • Comes in different sizes
  • Easy to clean


  • Can cause nose irritation
  • May be uncomfortable for those with sensitive noses

Dortz Snore Stopper Set – Anti Snoring Nose Vents 

The sleep engineers at Dortz have designed an excellent anti-snoring system with their Snore Stopper Set. With over 16,000 reviews and a five-star rating, this device has proven to be remarkably effective. Top otolaryngologists focused on replicating the nose’s anatomy rather than just expanding the nostrils, providing comfort for its user.

The kit comes with eight separate pairs of anti-snoring nasal vents. They have two distinct designs that come in four different sizes. Unlike other types of nasal vents, the Dortz brand uses medical-grade silicone to ensure it does not irritate. They are simple to clean and come with a storage case.


  • Comes in different sizes
  • Easy to clean


  • Can cause nose irritation
  • May be uncomfortable for those with sensitive noses

Cleviss Brace

Any chinstrap on the market will do its job in keeping your mouth closed during sleeping. That is the easy part. The hard part is to make one that is comfortable enough to allow you to sleep in the first place. Designing a chinstrap that feels good is more than just using superior materials. It’s about how the design rests over your head and face.

The Cleviss Brace does this very effectively. Made from high-quality perforated neoprene, it fits comfortably over your forehead and underneath your chin. The adjustable strap that links at the back of the head is easy to adjust and fits all sizes. Its highly breathable fabric keeps you cool all night. Cleviss also backs its product with a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • Easy to put on
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Only effective with snoring caused by an open mouth
  • May cause jaw pain

Votala Anti-Snoring Nose Clips

Nose dilators do not have to encompass the entire nostril. There are effective dilators on the market that come in the form of clips. One of the best is the Votala Anti-Snoring Nose Clips.

These little quality devices fit at the nostril entrance and then gently expand to allow for freer airflow.

The magnetic nose clip uses a very pliable medical-grade silicone that expands gently in the nostril. Votala Anti-Snoring Nose Clips are comfortable to wear and barely visible. Also, they are hypoallergenic but utterly free of chemical agents. They also are effective in preventing upper respiratory infections.


  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to clean


  • Will not stop every kind of snoring
  • May be uncomfortable for those with sensitive noses

Sleep Legends Premium Anti Snoring Chin Strap

You want to stop snoring, Congestion is not the problem, but you just can’t stomach sticking a device in your nose or mouth. Like many people, if your snoring problems arise from the mouth remaining open during sleep, then Sleep Legends Premium Anti Snoring Strap is for you. 

By using a high-quality flexible neoprene, this device will allow you to rest in comfort while ending the snoring problem caused by sleeping with an open mouth. It also has a unique hook, and loop design for CPAP users and one size fits all. The fabric allows for ventilation, adding to comfort.


  • Easy to put on
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Effective with only open mouth snoring 
  • May cause jaw pain

Breathe Right Strips

You think you have found the solution to your snoring problem. The answer is a nasal dilator. You have just one problem; you have found it impossible to sleep with a nasal device in your nostrils. It is time to look at the other alternative, a strip. However, most of those have proven to be ineffective. Breathe Right has now come to the rescue.

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Breathe Right Strips are incredibly effective at freeing nasal breathing passages and in clinical tests have shown to be nearly 40% more effective than decongestant sprays. Their flexible spring band material is easy to apply and offers an effective solution to inter-nasal dilators.


  • Easy to Apply
  • Do not require insertion into the nasal cavity


  • Are not effective with all types of snoring
  • Not reusable

The Morpheus Max Anti-Snoring Tongue Sleeve

The simplicity of design and quality of materials are the hallmarks of this product. For those whose snoring problem is caused by your tongue falling back into your throat, then the Anti-Snoring Tongue Sleeve is one of the most highly rated TSDs on the market.

The device allows you to adjust the suction, creating a hold that prevents the tongue from reverting while at the same time providing comfort. Made from medical grade silicone, it is pliable and easy to clean.


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to clean


  • Can cause mouth soreness
  • Can cause numbness in tongue

How to Choose

Snoring is an individual problem with individual needs. You can pick one of the best products on the market; however, it will not be effective if it does not address the specific cause of your snoring. 

Before choosing a type of anti-snoring device, make sure that you understand the full nature of your problem. Once you identify your snoring source, you can then narrow down your choices to the category that addresses that need.

Now that you know what devices address each problem, make sure the quality of the materials in the anti-snoring apparatus is high. Remember, many of these products are for your nose and mouth. 

Make sure they are hypoallergenic and chemical-free. If they use an adhesive, it should be one that does not cause skin irritation. All of these factors have to be taken into consideration before making a decision.


Snoring can range from a mild case to sleep apnea. You must monitor the effects that snoring has on your sleep partner and the implications your condition has on your overall health. Do not hide these conditions from your doctor. Discuss the anti-snoring device options with them. Their input is invaluable and will help you get what you want most of all, a restful night of sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are hundreds of millions of people who snore. Although the number of people who suffer from this condition is numerous, there are many misconceptions about snoring itself. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about snoring.

Why Do I Snore?

We know what causes the sound of snoring, but we do not always understand some of the factors that lead to it. Sleep experts identify several key physical or lifestyle factors that can cause snoring. These factors are weight, smoking, alcohol consumption, and sleeping position.

Of these factors, weight is the most prevalent. People who are overweight are prone to partially blocked breathing, leading to more vibration and snoring. Excessive alcohol consumption and smoking will also act as impediments to clear airways. Those who are back sleepers also place more pressure on airways, thus having a higher snoring occurrence.

What is the Best Way to Help a Sleeping Partner Who Snores?

Snoring is a sensitive topic. No one wants to be the one responsible for causing a sleep partner to have restless nights. It is essential to recognize that a person who snores is often unaware that they are doing so. However, if you want there to be a change, you have to be honest and make them aware of the issue.

Once you make them aware of the problem, explore solutions together. It can include a change in diet and a more active lifestyle. Try sleeping back to back to keep your partner from lying on their back. Explore the many devices that are available that can address the snoring, both short and long-term. As the observer of the behavior, you are in a unique position to help your partner make the decisions that will take care of this problem.

Are There Any Risks in Using an Anti-Snoring Device?

Any device placed in the mouth or nose can have undesirable side effects. The associated risk of a device, while usually mild, depends on many factors. The material utilized, how it is used, and your body’s conditions can determine effects. Some of them are prone to specific results.

Devices placed in the mouth can cause jaw soreness or numbness of the tongue. Excess saliva can also be a result as well. Nasal dilators can cause nasal irritation, and sometimes the adhesives on external nasal dilators can irritate. However, if they are high-quality products, very few problems of a severe nature results from their use.

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