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Today we’re going to look at what these problems are, how you can fix them, and we’re going to discuss what we think you should be looking out for in a litter for multiple cats.

At the end of this article, we’re going to discuss and review what we think are 6 of the best cat litters on the market at the moment and provide you with our overall recommendation.

Let’s get started.

Why Choose Cat Litters for Multiple Cats

Here are just some of the many reasons you might want to get a cat litter for multiple cats instead of a single cat litter:

  •    Cat litters for multiple cats will generally have stronger and more efficient clumping actions and better odor control
  •    You technically can change multi-cat litter less often than single cat litter – but this isn’t recommended
  •    The amount of waste that 2 cats produce is substantial, and a superabsorbent litter designed to deal with this amount of liquid will stop your home smelling
  •    Single cat households using multi-cat litter get much more “bang for their buck” compared to single cat litter

What To Look For When Buying Cat Litters for Multiple Cats

Here is a quick list of 3 things you should be looking out for in multi-cat litter formulas:


Any litter that is going to be used by 2 or more cats is going to be put to the test. It’s going to have to absorb quite a lot of liquid. If it’s not absorbent enough you’ll get smelly pools of cat pee forming in the bottom of the tray.


Cats are fussy creatures, and finding a litter that all of your cats find acceptable to their tastes is no easy task. Avoid weird and unusual litters (like silica) to avoid potential rejections and stick to natural materials or clay.

Odour Control

Ensure that any litter that you’re using with multiple cats can lock away smells effectively. A low-quality litter covered in 2 cats worth of pee is going to stink out your home terribly.

Pros And Cons Of Using Cat Litters for Multiple Cats

  • Pro – More absorbent
  • Pro – Generally higher quality
  • Pro – More economical
  • Pro – Better at locking away smells
  • Con – You need to get both your cats to accept the litter

Overall Best Cat Litter for Multiple Cats

Multi-Cat Clumping Cat Litter By Frisco

So we now know what you should be looking for in cat litters for multiple cats, and we know a little bit about why you should be using them. We’ve searched high and low through countless different types of cat litter to find products that we’re comfortable recommending to you here today.

We found a few great products (that we’re going to list later in the article) but in our opinion, there was a clear winner which is our overall recommendation – The Multi-Cat Clumping Cat Litter By Frisco.

If you’ve read any of our other reviews, you’ll know that we’re no stranger to Frisco. They’re one of the most respected and reputable brands in the cat litter industry, and their products are often unbeatable in terms of value for money.

This multi-cat formula is made from all natural clay, it is going to feel super natural underneath the paws of your kitty and they’re less likely to reject it.

The clumping action of this litter is just one of the things that made us choose it as our overall pick. The clay is super absorbent and forms clumps almost instantly, there’s little to no chance of any liquid reaching the bottom of the litter tray and festering (providing you use the recommended amount of litter).

Once the clumps have formed they’re not going anywhere in a hurry. They are super heavy which means that they’re not going to be tracked around the house, and they’re also super strong – so they’re not going to break apart when you clean the tray. The speed and efficiency of the absorption and clumping action are what makes this such a great product for multi-cat households.

This litter is unscented, which means you’re not going to get the horrible combination of cat pee and litter perfume wafting up your nostrils (as you do with cheaply scented litter). Instead, it keeps your home smelling fresh and clean by locking away the odor inside the clumps. It also contains antimicrobial properties which allow it to destroy the bacteria that create the stinky ammonia before they’ve had chance to do their worst.

Clay is a naturally dusty product, so there’s no such thing as a “dust free” clay litter – but Frisco has gone to great lengths to reduce the amount of dust as much as possible. They’ve developed their own proprietary dedusting system that keeps things as clean as possible. It’s also a hypoallergenic product that contains no added nasty stuff you don’t want your kitty coming into contact with.

It’s made in Canada, and at around $13 for a big 40lb bag, it’s excellent value for money too. There are a few other decent products we’re going to talk about below, but quite honestly – not much comes close to this product from Frisco in terms of effectiveness and value for multi-cat households.

In our opinion you’d need to have a really special reason for not giving this product a try – it’s just that good.

Second Best Cat Litter For Multiple Cats

Frisco Fresh Scent Multi-Cat

While the Frisco above is by far our favorite product that gets our overall recommendation, that doesn’t mean it’s the only good product on the market. Here are 4 other products that didn’t quite make it to the top spot that are still worthy of your consideration.

This second litter is almost identical to the Frisco product we used as our overall top pick, which is why we’ve mentioned it in this runner-up section. Like the product we talked about above, it’s made from the same superabsorbent clay and it’s a super low dust formula.

The clumps are formed in a very similar way, and they are equally as strong and quick drying as before. The main difference between this product and our overall recommendation is that this product is scented.

We generally don’t like scented litters because it’s hard to find a good one that doesn’t make the smell worse by combining it with some cheap floral scent…

But this is one of the rare few that do the job properly.

The clay still has natural antimicrobial properties that will kill much of the ammonia creating bacteria, and the clumps will still lock away much of the smell inside of them. The clever thing about this litter is the way the scent is released.

When the litter is covered by other litter in the tray, the scent stays trapped away and inactivated. It’s only when your kitty uses the tray and then swipes their paws afterward that the litter comes into contact with the air and is agitated. This swiping motion activates the litter and releases the smell. It’s such a satisfying feeling seeing your kitty effectively spray a little air freshener automatically when they use the toilet!

This product is a similar price to our overall recommendation, and if you like scented litters – this is probably the product you should be ordering.

4 More Really Good Cat Litters for Multiple Cats

World’s Best Cat Litter Scoopable Multiple Cat Clumping Formula By World’s Best

This is an extremely good litter if you’ve got people in your home that have allergies, as it’s 99.9% dust free and it’s hypoallergenic too. This corn-based litter is also perfect if you’ve got a kitty or two in your home that doesn’t really like the feeling of clay underneath their feet. Corn-based litters are one of the few natural, non-clay based materials that we like to recommend on this site (as many other wacky natural materials used in litters have significant drawbacks).

It’s a super absorbent clumping litter, which makes it perfect for multi-cat households. The clumps that form are very hard and durable, and they’re unlikely to break apart when you’re cleaning the tray (but they are a little more fragile than many clay litters).

As it’s made from corn, it’s a litter that you can flush down the toilet without causing any kind of harm to your plumbing or the sewerage system – this is a convenience that you’ll find it hard to live without once you’ve experienced it.

At around $25.99 for a 28lb bag, it’s a little more expensive than the two products above, but it’s still a great value product more than worthy of being added to your shortlist.

Fresh Step Multiple Cat Scoopable Clumping Cat Litter

Fresh Step has done something super clever with this litter – they’ve joined forces with Febreze and used their powerful odor eliminating formula inside this litter. Febreze pioneered the market for odor eliminating sprays in the home, and their decades of experience are put to work in this litter – destroying any smells that think about leaking out of the tray.

The Febreze works hand in hand with the natural antimicrobial properties of clay, which means that there’s a double whammy effect taking place here. Your cat’s “business” will hit the litter tray and the bacteria that cause the ammonia to be created will be largely destroyed on impact. Much of the remaining smell will be absorbed by the clumping action of the clay and locked away, anything that remains will be taken care of by the Febreze.

It’s a truly wonderful litter and it’s one of the freshest on the market. The superabsorbent and efficient nature of the clumping action means it’s great for multi-cat households, and the natural clay should be agreeable to most kitties with a low chance of rejection.

Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Multi-Cat Quick-Clumping Cat Litter

Naturally Fresh has created a very unique product here that uses walnut husks as the base of their litter. This means that it is one of the most eco-friendly litters on the market as it’s made from completely sustainable resources (that have been recycled). Walnut is said to naturally eliminate odors better than clay, pine, and wheat, and as such, this is an unscented litter (as no scent is required).

It’s a superabsorbent material (more so than clay) and the clumps it forms are hard as a rock when they have dried. This efficiency and absorption power makes it a perfect choice for a litter tray that’s used by multiple cats. There’s no nasty chemicals or other bad stuff used in the creation of the litter and it’s 99.9% dust free too. As an added bonus, it’s a super low tracking product too.

Scoop Away Multiple Cat Formula Litter

The final product we are going to be recommending today is another excellent scented litter by Scoop Away. To be honest, we recommend the Frisco scented product over this one – but we thought this litter was also worth a mention too.

It’s a scented litter that has a powerful fragrance that’s enough to mask the pee smell without making the problem worse. The clay that it’s made from is also going to reduce the amount of ammonia that’s produced and the strong clumps will lock it away until you clean the tray. It uses the same paw swiping action to activate the scent distribution as the Frisco does, and its super absorbent nature means it’s good for multi-cat homes too.


So there you have it, that’s just about all there is to know about keeping a home with several cats smelling fresh and clean.

We highly recommend you consider one of the two Frisco products (the scented and unscented ones) as your first choice – they’re honestly the best value in terms of performance.

However, any of the products we have mentioned today will not disappoint, and they are all more than worthy of your consideration.

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