Sleeping on your side is the most popular sleep position, with more people falling asleep comfortably in this position than any other. Despite the popularity of side sleeping, people who sleep this way always seem to have difficulty finding a comfortable and supportive mattress. 

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the best cooling mattresses for side sleepers and share some essential factors to consider so you can select the perfect bed and enjoy a restful night’s sleep tonight. 

How to Select a Mattress: Side Sleeper Edition 

Regardless of the type of mattress, you’re looking for, every side sleeper should know some essential things. Here’s what you’ll want to consider before you select your new mattress. 

Mattress Types

Over the years, many different types of mattresses have come and gone. While you’ll find the occasional outlier that doesn’t fit one of these categories, virtually all of today’s best mattresses are either innerspring, memory foam, or a hybrid of the two. 

Innerspring mattresses are one of the oldest styles, and they feature hundreds of coils inside the bed that are designed to support you as you sleep. These mattresses are typically comfortable and offer the best airflow of any mattress, making them an excellent choice for people who sleep hot. But, they tend to be noisy, and they transfer motion more than other styles.

Foam mattresses have skyrocketed in popularity over the past decade or so for many reasons. Foam offers great contouring and support, and it’s excellent at relieving pressure points. The most popular types of foams are memory foam and latex. These mattresses are typically made of one or more bass layers topped with one or more memory layers or latex foam. 

But, foam is solid, and it doesn’t provide nearly the amount of airflow as a coil mattress. These mattresses tend to sleep hotter than innerspring mattresses. Many companies employ cooling technologies to help their memory foam mattresses retain less heat. 

Hybrid mattresses are the final popular mattress type, and they marry the best aspects of innerspring and memory foam mattresses. These mattresses feature one or more memory foam comfort layers on top of coils. The result is a mattress that sleeps cooler than a full memory foam mattress without as much noise or motion transfer as a coil mattress. 

Important Factors to Consider

The mattress style and the firmness you select are both matters of personal preference, and you’ll need to decide which is most comfortable for you. But, there are some characteristics you’ll want to look for regardless of the style or firmness level that’s most comfortable for you. 

Trial Period 

Most mattress companies offer generous trial periods so you can bring the mattress into your home and decide if you like it after sleeping on it for some time. Some companies provide lengthy trial periods of up to a year. You should have no trouble deciding if a mattress is for you or not within the first few months, so make sure the manufacturer offers you a 90-day or more extended trial. 


A warranty is the best way to protect yourself if your mattress is defective. Today’s top manufacturers offer warranty periods of 10 or more years. Considering the average lifespan of a mattress is 15 years or less, you’ll want to select a bed that offers a warranty that will cover the mattress’s useful lifespan. 

Best Cooling Mattresses for Side Sleepers: Top Eight Picks 

Without further adieu, let’s take a closer look at the eight best cooling mattresses for side sleepers that are available today. 

  1. Puffy Lux

The Lux mattress from Puffy is one of the most luxurious mattresses on the market, and it’s packed with premium features that side sleepers are sure to appreciate. 

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This mattress offers a medium-soft firmness, which most side sleepers prefer since it provides excellent contouring for their hips and shoulders. Puffy uses two proprietary foams for their top layers, which add to the contouring and excellent pressure relief that the Puffy mattress provides. The top layer of foam is infused with cooling gel beads to keep you cool all night.

With its relatively soft feel, this mattress delivers a feeling that you’re sleeping in the mattress instead of on top of it. Side sleepers that love to feel like this mattress is hugging them are sure to appreciate the contoured feel. But, if you prefer a firmer and more bouncy feel with your bed, the Puffy Lux may not be the best fit. 

This cooling mattress for side sleepers is made in the USA, and they offer an unrivaled lifetime warranty on their mattresses. Puffy also provides a generous 101-night in-home trial, so you have plenty of time to decide if this is the best mattress for you. 


  • Cooling Cloud Foam layer provides excellent temperature control
  • All components made in the USA 
  • The soft, contoured feel is ideal for side sleepers


  • Expensive
  • Not ideal for those who prefer a firm mattress
  1. Saatva

For side sleepers who prefer a firmer mattress, Saatva’s flagship mattress could be an excellent choice for you. 

This traditional innerspring mattress features a base layer of coils, followed by a layer of individually pocketed coils and a plush memory foam layer on top. The additional airflow of the coil construction ensures that you’ll sleep relaxed and comfortable all night long. 

Side sleepers who prefer to feel like they’re “on top” of their mattress should love Saatva, as it doesn’t offer the contoured feel of a memory foam mattress, which many people find unappealing. 

Saatva mattresses are made in the USA and feature an impressive 180-night trial, so you can decide if their bed is the best fit for you. Saatva also provides a white-glove delivery service, which includes the removal of your old mattress. 


  • The bouncy feel is ideal for people who like to change positions
  • Generous at-home trial
  • Free delivery and removal of old mattress
  • Plenty of airflow to keep you sleeping cool


  • Lots of motion transfer – might not be ideal for couples
  • Top memory foam layer could be thicker and more contouring
  1. DreamCloud

The DreamCloud mattress is a hybrid that delivers “best of both worlds” performance for side sleepers who are having trouble deciding between memory foam and a coil mattress. 

This hybrid features two layers of memory foam, with a gel-infused top layer for superior temperature regulation. Below the memory foam lies a layer of pocketed coils, which offer plenty of internal airflow, helping to further reduce heat retention so you can sleep all night comfortably. 

This mattress is moderately firm, but it still allows for a good deal of contouring, so this mattress is a solid fit for side sleepers looking to find a mattress that provides excellent support without giving the feeling that you’re sinking into the bed.

The DreamCloud mattress comes with an industry-leading 365-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty. Indecisive sleepers are sure to love the lengthy trial and the peace of mind that comes with the lifetime warranty.


  • Provides solid contouring without sacrificing support
  • Ideal for hybrid sleepers that sleep in other positions besides their side
  • 365-night trial 


  • White glove delivery service costs $150
  • Lots of motion transfer
  1. Loom & Leaf

Brought to you by the folks at Saatva, this foam mattress provides industry-leading contouring, making it a solid choice for strict side sleepers. 

This mattress offers four layers of foam, with base and support layers sitting below two layers of advanced memory foam that’s designed to keep you cool and comfortable while delivering fantastic pressure relief for side sleepers.

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As a completely foam mattress, this one doesn’t offer as much airflow as an innerspring or hybrid. Still, the cooling foams live up to their name and keep you comfortable all night long, while the foam contours to your body and delivers incredible pressure relief. 

Loom & Leaf offers a lengthy 180-night sleep trial and stands behind this mattress with a 15-year warranty. The company also provides a free white glove delivery service. 


  • Industry-leading contouring and pressure relief
  • Very little motion transfer
  • White glove delivery included


  • Doesn’t sleep as cool as some competitors 
  • Might be too firm for some sleepers
  1. Nolah

Side sleepers who love the feel of a memory foam mattress but are worried about sleeping too hot are sure to like this mattress from Nolah, which offers the feel of foam with improved breathability. 

This foam mattress offers three all-foam layers, starting with a top layer of patented AirFoam, which is less dense and more breathable than most mattress foams, allowing you to sleep cooler and more comfortably. 

Side sleepers will enjoy impressive pressure relief and contouring with this mattress. However, since this mattress is relatively soft, it may provide too much contouring for larger people. Anyone over 230 pounds will want to give this mattress a lengthy trial before deciding if it’s right for them. 

Nolah offers free shipping, a 120-night sleep trial, and a solid 15-year warranty, which provides peace of mind if anything goes wrong with your new mattress. 


  • Delivers excellent pressure relief and contouring for side sleepers
  • Sleeps cooler than most memory foam mattresses
  • Offers great motion isolation 


  • Larger sleepers will sink too far into the mattress
  • Mediocre edge support
  1. Nectar

Budget-minded side sleepers are sure to love the Nectar mattress, which is several hundred dollars cheaper than most competitors without sacrificing premium components or construction. 

This all-foam mattress features a four-layer construction with two different memory foam layers, including a gel foam layer, to provide superior contouring and support. These foams also do an exceptional job of mitigating motion, making this mattress ideal for couples. 

Nectar offers a medium-firm feel that’s ideal for side sleepers over 130 pounds, as they’re able to sink far enough into the mattress to enjoy the contouring and support Nectar offers. Lighter sleepers may find this mattress to be too firm. 

Nectar offers an industry-leading 365-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty, which provides unbeatable peace of mind for fussy sleepers who are apprehensive about committing to such a necessary purchase. 


  • Best support and contouring available
  • Best warranty and in-home trial 
  • Superior motion control 


  • Sleeps fairly hot
  • Won’t provide enough contouring or support for lightweight people
  1. Helix Sleep

While most manufacturers offer a single flagship mattress, Helix Sleep makes their popular mattress in various configurations to fit different sleepers’ needs. 

All Helix mattresses are hybrids that feature innerspring coils and high-tech foams to deliver a great sleep experience. The Sunset, Midnight, and Twilight models are designed especially for side sleepers, and each one has a different feel, so Helix has you covered whether you prefer a soft, medium, or firm mattress.

Each Helix mattress offers fantastic temperature regulation thanks to its pocketed coil layer, allowing for superior airflow. High-tech memory foams also help to wick heat away from the body, so you sleep cool. Whether you opt for the soft, medium, or firm variations of the Helix Sleep mattress, each one provides exceptional contouring and pressure relief. 

Helix offers a 100-night in-home trial and a 10-year warranty on any of their mattresses.


  • Available in three different styles, each one made for side sleepers
  • Ideal for people who sleep hot 
  • Impressive motion isolation for a hybrid mattress


  • Shorter trial period and warranty than most competitors 
  • White glove delivery is available for a fee, but it doesn’t include mattress removal
  1. Layla Hybrid

This mattress features an ingenious design that allows sleepers to achieve two different feels in a single bed. 

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The Layla hybrid offers two different firmness levels, a medium-firm side, and a medium-soft side, and each side has a layer of copper-infused memory foam to help soothe aches and pains while wicking heat away from the body. With its inner layer of pocketed coils, it offers plenty of airflow, and it’s one of the best mattresses for people who sleep hot. 

Both sides of the mattress offer impressive pressure relief for side sleepers, especially the softer side. Compared to most other hybrids, the Layla Hybrid also provides remarkable edge support, allowing you to make the most of the space on your mattress. 

Layla offers free delivery, and they back their mattress with a 120-night in-home trial and a 10-year warranty. 


  • Reversible mattress has a soft and firm side 
  • Superior temperature control
  • Provides excellent contouring and pressure relief for side sleepers


  • Shorter trial period and warranty than most competitors 
  • Expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes time to shop for a new mattress, these are the most common questions that side sleepers have about the process. 

What kind of mattress is best for side sleepers? 

Support and contouring are the most critical aspects to consider as a side sleeper shopping for a new mattress. When you sleep on your side, you create pressure points at your shoulders and hips, and it’s crucial to find a bed that adequately addresses these areas. 

You’ll find excellent foam, spring, and hybrid mattresses for side sleepers, so the kind of mattress isn’t as important as your personal comfort is. For support and pressure point relief, many people prefer memory foam or hybrid mattress, but you should try all three styles before deciding on which is best for you. 

What mattress firmness is best for side sleepers?

Firmness is mostly a matter of personal preference, and the support and contouring a mattress offer are the most important criteria to consider. As a rule of thumb, side sleepers tend to prefer a mattress in the medium to the medium-firm range. 

Keep in mind that your body type and weight will significantly impact what feels most comfortable to you. A 250-pound man will probably find that a firm mattress offers excellent support and contouring, while someone half that weight might find the same mattress to be incredibly hard and uncomfortable. 

If you’re unsure, start by trying some medium and medium-firm mattresses. Be sure to also lay down on softer and firmer mattresses to narrow down which feel you like best.

Is memory foam better for side sleepers? 

No material is necessarily better or worse for people who sleep on their side. Your mattress preference is a personal decision, and what’s comfortable for one side sleeper may be uncomfortable for the next. 

With that said, most tend to agree that memory foam provides superior pressure relief and contouring than other mattress materials do. Relieving pressure points is crucial for a good night’s sleep, so you’ll undoubtedly want to consider a memory foam mattress if you’re a side sleeper.


When it comes to the best cooling mattress for side sleepers, there’s no shortage of incredible options on the market. The eight mattresses we’ve profiled above are some of the best and most popular options you can buy. While each one is a solid choice, one mattress, in particular, is our top pick as the best cooling mattress for side sleepers. 

The Puffy Lux mattress is our top choice, as it offers an impressive mix of contouring, support, pressure point relief, and overall comfort. Plus, it manages to sleep remarkably cool considering it’s a memory foam mattress. These mattresses are made in the USA, and Puffy offers a lifetime warranty on all of their mattresses. If you’re looking for the best cooling mattress for side sleepers, take a closer look at the Puffy Lux. 

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