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Somewhere during the early stages of living in the hood (parenthood, that is), most families will recognize the need for a lightweight stroller.   The lightweight stroller is a convenient asset to own in order to make errand-running, travel, transport, and storage more simple than the standard stroller.  However, not all lightweight strollers are created equal. The hard truth is, there are many different types of lightweight strollers with different features to meet the needs of both parent and child.  You know, different strokes for different folks. Different rides for different kinds. For a good overview of different types of lightweight strollers, check out this article.

One of the key things to be mindful of is whether or not an umbrella stroller has a reclinable seat.  A lot of them on the market don’t offer this option, and it becomes a sacrifice of comfort for your baby who will probably want to nap while rolling around town.  Nobody likes to sleep sitting straight up, except, of course, for grandpa on the couch who will claim he was just resting his eyes and never own up to actually sleeping straight up anyway.  If you don’t want to turn your baby into a nap-defying passenger, I strongly suggest you make a reclinable seat a priority in the lightweight or umbrella stroller of your choosing. In this article, we’ll explore my recommendations for reclining umbrella strollers and why I think they’d make a great addition to your family.

Top 5 Best Lightweight Reclining Strollers

Stroller Recline Features Price Rating
Uppababy G-Luxe One handed recline adjustment for 3 positions, Adjustable footrest $200-$300 4.2 * on Amazon
Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT Single Stroller Plush seat that reclines to almost flat $300-$400 4.5 * on Amazon
Inglesina USA Trip Stroller 4 position recline,

Adjustable footrest

$130-$200 4.1 * on Amazon
ZOE XL2 BEST v1 Double Stroller Deep 135 degree reclining seat $230 4.3 * on Amazon
Maclaren Quest Full recline,

Adjustable footrest

$260-$300 3.9 * on Amazon

Uppababy G-Luxe

#1 Best Reclining Stroller

Falling in between the $200-$300 range, the Uppababy G-Luxe is a fantastic choice in a lightweight stroller.  You won’t need to down a protein shake before lifting this bad boy, because it only weighs 15 pounds (can I get a whoop-whoop?).  The G-Luxe is suitable for children from 3 months to 55 lbs. Uppababy was smart to include a 5 point harness (not something you see in every umbrella stroller), a one-step brake, and extendable sunshade canopy of UPF 50+.  This sucker has a hand-level trigger to make folding it a cinch, and you can carry it with the carry strap on your shoulder, because really, who has an extra hand? It does stand on its own – imagine how convenient that will be when storing it in a closet.  It also comes with included cup holder, nice, lengthy handlebars, and storage basket on the bottom. If baby makes a mess in the seat (disclaimer: babies are messy!), or if you accidentally dump your iced caramel macchiato all over it (additional disclaimer: grown ups are messy, too!), you’ll be happy to know that the Uppababy G-Luxe fabric and seat pad are removable and machine washable, and the stroller can still be used if it takes you a day or two (or ahem, ten) to be the perfect laundering goddess that you are.  Travel bag sold separately.

Reclining Features:  The Uppababy G-Luxe has 3 recline positions that you can adjust with one hand, and an adjustable footrest.  So whether you have a nosy child who wants to see all the things or a naptime enthusiast who enjoys laying back and catching some zzzz’s, the G-Luxe has a position for your child’s disposition.  See what I did there?

But don’t just take my word for it, one Amazon reviewer said:

This is really a great stroller.  I wish I could say that I did a ton of research, but I was looking for a lightweight (but very solid) stroller that would fold up easily and be great for travel.  This is totally that stroller. It is easy to fold up (we also bought the travel bag) and great for everything from a farmer’s market to the airport. It reclines just enough to get a little nap and can hold a ton of extra bags on the handles and in the basket.  (Biggest issue is when your toddler decides to get out – – watch out for the tip back). This was a great purchase. -By Katie J on July 6, 2017

Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT Single Stroller

#2 Best Reclining Stroller

Coming in at second place for a reclining lightweight stroller is the Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT Single Stroller.  It’ll cost you about $300-$400. It weighs a little more than some of the other lightweight strollers at 22.5 lb., but by pushing the extra weight around, maybe you can ditch your gym membership.  Don’t tell your trainer I said that. The City Mini is on three wheels (‘cuz that’s how we roll), and has some accommodating features like adjustable handlebars and a hand-operated brake. It’s made for toting young chickens at one pound up to 65 pound turkeys (if I have to explain that I’m really not talking about poultry here, then you just don’t get me).  The large sun canopy allows you to sneak peeks at junior through the peek-a-boo window.

Reclining Features:  The plush, padded seat reclines to almost flat.

But don’t just take my word for it, one Amazon reviewer said:

Holy grail of strollers!  My search for a new stroller (for child no. 3 and almost a decade after my last baby) began with a search for a reclining, large canopy, easy folding, lightweight stroller. I wasn’t sure if I would find such a thing, but after reading consumer reports and baby trends reviews I was pretty sure the City Mini GT was the stroller for me! I almost couldn’t believe such a stroller existed. I’ve had the stroller about a week (yes, I realize a review by someone who has used it longer would perhaps be more helpful!) and been very pleased. SO easy to fold and lift. LOVE the huge canopy. And, something I wasn’t looking for, excellent maneuvering. I had been using a high end, bicycle tire stroller that was not that great in terms of ease of pushing and turning, especially given the $400 price tag. The City Mini GT is amazingly smooth and easy to push. If I had one suggestion for improvement, it would be that it is a bit larger than I would like when open (more compact footprint would be great). It also doesn’t come with a cup holder or place to put phone and keys, you have to buy it separately. But overall, this stroller is pretty great! -By Xenia on November 23, 2017

Inglesina USA Trip Stroller

#3 Best Reclining Stroller

At a bit of a lower price point ($130-$200), this steal does not skimp on convenient functionality.  The Inglesina Trip is easily opened, closed, or pulled with one hand. I am having a bit of retroactive jealousy, remembering a time when I was carrying a thrashing, screaming wildebeest (my then tantrum-throwing toddler), whilst trying to push a rebellious umbrella stroller with a mind of its own through a crowd of spectating go-kart patrons.  Years later, I’m sad that my younger self didn’t have an obedient stroller like this one. Sure, an obedient toddler would have been pleasant too, but the Inglesina USA Trip Stroller is actually attainable, whereas an obedient toddler is right up there with flying pigs. Anyway, the Inglesina Trip travel stroller has a lot of perks that you would normally only see on full-sizers, such as a carry handle, peek-a-boo-window, spacious basket, bumper bar, and cup holder.  It also comes with a rain cover, so there’s really no accessories left to purchase on your own, making this an even better bargain than I had originally realized.

Reclining Features:  The Trip has recline capabilities in 4 positions and is also endowed with an adjustable leg rest because it’s just that extra.

But don’t just take my word for it, one Amazon reviewer said:

I was looking for a travel umbrella stroller for my 13 month old, but didn’t want to invest a ton of money as I did with our primary stroller.  This meets all the needs of an umbrella stroller and has a couple features that were key to me – a big recline to almost flat for when she needs to nap, an upright position almost straight up since my daughter likes to sit up and see, and high handles since I am 5’7” and other handles seemed to have me hunched over so this was key.  Overall I am thrilled that I got such a good stroller without having to spend a ton. -By Ashley L. on August 1, 2015

ZOE XL2 BEST v1 Double Stroller

#4 Best Reclining Stroller

Don’t think I forgot about you, Mama of Multiples!  I know exactly what you need: a coffee-dripping IV, ten minutes to take a shower by yourself, and a Double Stroller that’s not going to make you swear off ever leaving the house again.  The ZOE XL2 Best v1 Double Stroller (doesn’t that just roll right off the tongue?) is the bomb dot com. It’s only $230, and can hold up to 50 lbs. in each seat. And the best part? It only weighs 16 pounds!  That’s unheard of for a double stroller! It has a quick fold that’s super simple for you, Mama, and I know you’ll appreciate the large storage basket, and a storage pocket ON EACH CANOPY for keys, cell phone, and (let’s be real) binkies.  You’ll be a step ahead of sibling rivalry because each child has their own peek-a-boo window. Also, there is a cup holder for Mom, and both children (you get a cup holder, and YOU get a cup holder, everyone gets a cup holder!!!!).

Reclining Features:  Deep 135 degree reclining seat.

But don’t just take my word for it, one Amazon reviewer said:

Best stroller invented!  I have 3 different double strollers and 5 single strollers.  This is by far superior to all of them. I took it on the plane and on vacation and it was the best purchase I have ever made.  So light and durable. My kids took their naps soundly in them and my kids have never slept in a stroller before. -By Aliahash on November 20. 2017

Maclaren Quest

#5 Best Reclining Stroller

The Quest made by Maclaren is great because a newborn can start using it right away, and continue using it up until he or she hits the 55 pound weight limit (which may come sooner for pasta eaters).  The basic weight of the Quest stroller is 12.6 lb, so it’s very lightweight thanks to the aluminum frame, and will run you around $260-$300. This thing folds up compactly with a handy dandy auto-lock.  Parents will enjoy the oversized expandable hood and included wind-resistant raincover when you want your baby to be safe from the elements (sun, rain, and handsy strangers). Like the Uppababy G-Luxe, the Maclaren Quest has a removable and machine washable seat and a shopping basket.  You’ll love maneuvering this lightweight stroller on a four wheel suspension system, making for a smooth ride.

Reclining Features:  “All my friends know the low rider”, and I’m pretty sure he rode in the Maclaren Quest.  With its multi-position, full recline and adjustable leg rest, you will never again have to ask the age old question, “How low can you go?”.

But don’t just take my word for it, one Amazon reviewer said:

After many weeks of researching umbrella strollers, I finally found the one.  My priorities were: deep recline, good canopy, and easy storage. After considering many strollers, I am glad I gave this Maclaren a chance.  I wanted an umbrella stroller for traveling, but with all the whistles and bells of a regular one. I am happy that Maclaren released a 2016 with some very welcome improvements.  First of all, there’s a reason why Maclaren is the leader in umbrella strollers. Their strollers are well made, sturdy, and the fabric feels top notch. Overall, this looks like something that is made to last and withstand heavy use. The recline is amazing!  Your little man will sleep great because it’s a flat recline. Also, the canopy is HUGE. No amount of sunshine will bother him/her. Finally, folding and unfolding is easy, and the weight of the stroller is easy to manage even with one hand. Overall, very happy with this stroller and I am glad I went with Maclaren, a brand known for its quality umbrella strollers. -By Margarita on July 18, 2016

Choosing the Perfect Reclining Stroller

As you can see, there are some pretty impressive umbrella strollers on the market.  With so many options, why not make sure you’re getting one that includes the comfort of reclinability.  Be kind, recline (throwback to the good ole’ VHS days).

What do you think about the reclining umbrella strollers we’ve chosen?  Drop a comment and let us read your thoughts!

*Be kind.  Recline.

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