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Dr. Elsey’s are one of the biggest names in the cat litter world. They’ve earned themselves a reputation for producing some of the best quality litter on the planet using unique materials and manufacturing processes. However, they’ve also got a bit of a reputation for being a little pricey too.

Today we’re going to take a look at Dr. Elsey’s products to see what they’re made of, literally. We’re also going to talk about some anecdotal reviews from real customers and weigh up the pros and cons of the brand before providing our overall recommendation.

Let’s get started.

Different Types of Dr. Elsey’s Cat Litter

So we’re going to start off this article by talking a little bit about some of the most popular Dr. Elsey’s products on the market. We’ve picked a good selection of their various litters here, so there should be something for most tastes.

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Clumping Cat Litter

This is one of the most popular cat litters that Dr. Elsey’s produce. In fact, it’s one of the most popular cat litters on the market – everywhere it’s sold online you’ll find countless glowing 5-star reviews.

It’s a clay litter that’s made with a medium grain, this means that it’s going to be super comfortable underneath the feet of your cat. However, it’s also a super heavy litter which means that it’s a very low tracking product.

The medium grain combined with the quality of the materials means that the clumping action of this litter is excellent. The clumps form very quickly and efficiently, and there’s little chance of liquid reaching the bottom of the tray to fester and create a stink. When the clumps harden, they harden quickly – and they harden hard too. They’re not going to break apart when you’re cleaning out the tray, which means you’re not going to get a waft of ammonia up your nostrils when you’re getting the job done.

It’s a litter that’s so efficient that it’s suitable for use in households with multiple cats, and it’s also suitable for use in mechanical litterboxes too. As an added bonus, it’s 99% dust free and will be good for homes that have sensitive kitties living in them.

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Attract Cat Litter

We talked about the advanced design and materials that Dr. Elsey’s is known for in the intro to this article – and this is exactly the kind of product we were talking about

This is a litter that has been designed to help train cats that are a little bit fussy about doing their business in a litter tray. When you’re trying to house train your cat and nothing else seems to be working – this is the product for you.

Every single part of this litter has been designed to be as attractive to your cat as possible. It has been infused with natural herbal scents (that cats love) to get them interested in checking it out. Once they’re on the tray the optimal granule size combined with the highly natural texture of the material makes it irresistible for your kitty to do their business on it.

Despite being infused with aromas to attract your cat, it’s actually an unscented litter – so you’re not really going to be able to smell the perfume that your kitty seems to love. It’s a clumping product that forms strong clumps quickly, and it’s perfect for homes with mechanical litter boxes and multiple cats.

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Respiratory Relief Clumping Clay Cat Litter

This is a product that’s been designed for super sensitive cats that have a problem with other litters that can be dusty. Even litters that claim to be low dust, or 99% dust free can cause reactions from super sensitive felines – but not this one.

This is a completely dust free product that’s actually rated as being hypoallergenic, which is not something many litters can put on their box without lying. It has also been infused with natural herbs and scents to relax your kitty when they are doing their business in the tray. As being relaxed is one of the best ways your cat can combat the effects of Feline Respiratory Disease, this is a very nice feature to have in the litter.

It’s a clumping litter that clumps quickly and dries hard. Some of the other litters on this page form bigger, quicker, heaver, and harder clumps – but you’re not going to be disappointed with the clumping action of this product.

After all, this is a Dr. Elsey’s product we’re talking about…

The clumps are effective at trapping odors, and it’s perfectly suited for use in mechanical litter boxes. However, unlike many of the other products we’re talking about today – this is a single cat formula, and would not be suitable if you’ve got more than one cat in your home.

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Scented Cat Litter By Dr. Elsey’s

Here’s another example of Dr. Elsey’s using their research and development team to create a game-changing product.

One of the problems many people have with scented litters is that the scent is often times as bad as the smell of cat pee in the first place. The other problem is that the scent is often not powerful enough to mask the pee smell sufficiently, and you end up with a horrible combination of cat pee and cheap air freshener…

However, this litter solves both of those problems and is in our opinion one of the best scented products on the market.

The cleverest thing about this litter is the way that the scent is released. It’s moisture activated, which means that until your cat actually does their business on the litter, you’re not going to smell a thing. However, the moment liquid touches this litter the scent is released. The scent itself is reasonably pleasant (considering it’s a cat litter) and is powerful enough to overpower any ammonia smells that are produced

The all natural clay this product is made from is a great clumping material that forms strong solid clumps. It’s a low dust formula, but it has got more dust than the hypoallergenic product above. It’s made from materials that are super absorbent, and when this is combined with the odor control properties of the clumps it becomes a perfect candidate for multi-cat households.

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Long Hair Litter, 8-lb container

One of the biggest issues with owning a long-haired cat is tracking. Their long soft hairs are almost like magnets for kitty litter, and any long-haired cat owner will be able to tell you stories of their tracking troubles.

However, as usual, Dr. Elsey’s has got a solution to the problem.

This litter has been made with the perfect granule size to make it suitable for long-haired cats. It doesn’t remove the tracking problem completely, but it’s a vast and noticeable improvement. It’s made from silica and it’s not going to stain your cat’s fur either (like some other products will), it’s also non-toxic too.

Despite being made from Silica it’s a biodegradable product that has a strong clumping action. The clumps that are formed are rock solid, which makes it a highly scoopable litter for easy cleaning. As an added bonus it has been infused with some of the attractant herbs that we talked about in the training litter earlier – which when combined with the pleasant particle size is going to leave you with one very happy kitty.

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Kitten Attract Training Cat Litter

This litter might be a little more expensive than standard litter, but for the amount of hassle it saves you – it’s worth every cent in our opinion.

It’s a training litter that has been designed for use with kittens from the age of 8 weeks up until about a year. One of the main differences between this and other litters is the granule size and texture. It has been made to be super soft to ensure that it feels good underneath the much gentler and more fragile paws of a kitten.

The other feature that makes it suitable for kitten training is the natural herbs that have been included. They’re similar to the herbs we’ve talked about before in other Dr. Elsey’s products, they’ve just been tweaked slightly.

After a year you’re probably going to want to switch to an adult litter with a bigger granule size, Dr. Elsey’s recommend that you use the Cat Attract litter we mentioned earlier as it has got the same kind of attractant herbs in it and will lower the chance of rejection.

It’s a clumping clay litter that has a decent clumping action and forms hard clumps that won’t break down. It locks smells away with ease, and will leave your home smelling fresh and clean. It’s also a multi-cat litter, but remember this should only be used if you’ve got two kittens at the same time (as an adult cat might reject it for being too small and soft). Like all good litters it’s a low dust formula, and can be used in mechanical litter trays too.

Dr. Elsey’s Cat Litter Coupons

Dr. Elsey’s occasionally release printable coupons that can be used in store, but they’re few and far between. Like most cat litter brands, they don’t release online coupons – or at least we weren’t able to find any (past or present).

However, there are still ways to save on Dr. Elsey’s products…

We found a great 30% off coupon for Chewy.com that is compatible with Dr. Elsey’s products.

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Dr. Elsey’s Cat Litter Reviews

So now we know a bit about some of Dr. Elsey’s most popular litters, but what do the people who have actually purchased them think? In this section, we’re going to point out some common trends we found with their products after sifting through literally hundreds of online reviews.

Price – The one thing we did notice a few people “complain” about was the price of these products. There’s no getting around the fact that these are premium products with premium price tags. However, most people agreed that despite the cost, the products were great value for money due to the performance they provide.

Odor Control – Almost all of the products we came across while researching this section had excellent reviews in the odor control department. Many owners were sharing stories about how their previously stinky trays had become invisible to their nostrils after switching to Dr. Elsey’s litter.

Clumping – We also came across many people praising the brand for the speed with which the clumps form in their litters (and the hardness they have when dried). This is probably part of the reason that their products get such good reviews in the odor control section above – the smells get locked away quickly, and when they’re gone, they stay gone.

Pro’s And Con’s


  • Excellent, well known, and reputable brand
  • Great clumping action
  • Low chance of rejection
  • Superior odor control
  • Dust free or low dust formulas


  • Could be a little cheaper

Is Dr. Elsey’s Cat Litter Good For Multiple Cats?

Many of Dr. Elsey’s litters are suitable for multi-cat households. Their materials are usually of a high enough quality to mask the smell of multiple kitties doing their business. However, not all of their products are multi-cat, here are a few we recommend you check out:

  • Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Clumping Cat Litter
  • Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Attract Cat Litter
  • Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Kitten Attract Training Cat Litter


So there you have it, that’s all there is to know about Dr. Elsey’s

They’re a brand that has a huge name and a huge reputation. Their products are extremely high quality, but there’s no denying that the premium performance comes with a premium price tag.

In our opinion they’re excellent value for money, and providing you’ve got the budget for their products – they’re more than worthy of being added to your shortlist.

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  1. I use the respiratory relief formula for two cats and we have no issues. The cats aren’t best friends, but they are no worse off than when we used a multi cat litter.

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