Grey can be a perfect color for bedroom decor, thanks to the fact that it can act as a cool neutral in the space. The coolness that it offers make its a great option for pairing with blues, black, and even silver. Decorating a bedroom with cooler colors can make a very serene space that is a bit different of a feel than a very warm colored room. The key is to creating a sense of comfort amongst the minimal tones to ensure that the space is inviting and acts as a retreat space in the home. The following bedroom examples show how grey can be used to create a gorgeous bedroom, whether its using grey as the main color scheme or its incorporating a few pops of it here and there.

1. Grey Wallpapered Bedroom

This grey wallpaper is a great example of how grey can be used as an interesting neutral in a bedroom. In this case it doesn’t compete with the brighter colors used for the bed despite the fact that it has a pretty bold design print. The wallpaper also acts to reflect light in the otherwise darker shaded bedroom.


2. The Grey With Silver Tones Bedroom

This bedroom calls upon both grey its cousin silver for most of its color scheme. Other than grey and silver there’s really only white in the room. It ends up being a very distinctive look and creates quite a bit of glam in an otherwise small space. There’s no mistaking that there’s a theme going on in this grey and silver room.


3. The Minimal Grey Room

This is an example of a very minimal bedroom that uses grey as its main color. In this minimal of a room going with just white might be a bit too stark. Incorporating in the grey allows for a bit of depth without darkening the natural brightness of the space.

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4. A Grey Bed Defines this Bedroom

This room brings in most of its grey through the bed, and most specifically the headboard and the sheets. In an otherwise white space the grey bed becomes the focal point of the room. This is an example where it’s easy to see that grey can be used as a cozy color, and even more so when a comfortable mattress and pillows and added into the mix.


5. Bedroom with Grey Contrast Wall

In this room, a dark grey wall is used as a contrast from the rest of the room. It might seem like adding a dark wall to a room would make it seem smaller, but actually, in a small space it can be used to open up a room. The contrast to the slanted ceiling keeps the eyes moving around the space.


6. The Grey and Slate Bedroom

This bedroom uses grey and blueish slate to shape its space. The result is chic, minimal, and offers a sense of quiet thanks to the darker shade. You’ll notice that balancing out the darker colors was done two ways, a simple light grey wall portion, and plenty of drop down overhead lighting.


7. Grey in a Kid’s Bedroom

Grey can be a great color to use in a kid’s bedroom as well. As a neutral, it can work for both boys and girls, as well as grow with the kids. There’s no need repaint as their tastes change when a neutral color like grey is used. The other changes can be done with the furniture and the other decor.


8. Grey Used as Accents in a Bedroom

In this bedroom grey as used as an accent color more than anything else. This is a great option when painting a bedroom isn’t in the cards. Finding a grey comfortable for the bed and adding in some grey artwork rounds out the space while still feeling calm and minimal.


9. The Grey and Pink Bedroom

This bedroom has a great mixture of grey with other fun colors like pink and yellow. That might not sound as appealing as it actually looks, which is why it’s so important to have inspirational bedroom photos to check out and get ideas from. The soft pink wall creates a brightness next to the grey wall that makes a really comfortable looking space.

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10. The Grey Bedroom that’s All About the Bed

This bedroom has the bed as the focal point, and it sure does look inviting. Having the grey mixed in with the white colors, in this case, creates some depth and dimension on the bed, making it look even more inviting than it would in all one shade. The bright light coming through the window here is incredible, but for sleep time those dark grey curtains are going to be ideal for keeping the room nice and dark.


11. The Natural Tone Grey Bedroom

In many bedrooms, the color grey is used to balance out white or black features, but in this case, the grey is used next to a natural tone wood wall. The result is a bit unexpected in a great way. The natural wood gain is also in a nice contrast to the very structured bed and mattress, creating an interesting juxtaposition.


12. All Grey Everything Bedroom

This bedroom uses grey in pretty much every way possible, from the walls to the bed and the decorations too. They manage to keep a lightness in doing so by mixing together a variety of grey shades as well as patterns. Even the lighting choice on the ceiling creates an interesting dynamic for moving the eye around the grey space.


13. The Grey Plus Lavender Bedroom

Grey is a close tone to lavender so pairing the two together can create a very seamless look. In this bedroom they chose to use a couple lavendar items and a couple grey ones, creating a very balanced look in the otherwise light and bright room.


14. Tons of Grey Texture

Everything grey in this bedroom is full of texture, which ensures that the shade never looks flat or draws in too much light. In fact the texture allows the light to keep bouncing around the room and brings in a lot of femininity to what can otherwise be a more masculine looking color.


15. The Grey and Blue Chic Bedroom

This bedroom was decorated using mostly shades of grey and blue which go together so well. Mixing in some silver with the grey and blue brings a bit of luxury into the room. At its basics, the decorating is quite simple but with a few fun accent pieces, things get quite chic.

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16. Unexpected Peach and Grey Bedroom

Of all the colors that can be paired with grey this peach shade is one of the least expected ones, but it’s a great example of how this sort of pairing can work. The key to making it work is to stick within a single shade of each color so that the contrast is between two main shades, rather than a whole plethora of them.


17. The Grey Bedroom With Sanctuary Vibes

This bedroom looks like it could be straight out of a spa with its sanctuary vibes. It’s very minimal in some ways but there are plenty of things going on to keep the room feeling cozy at the same time. That grey throw blanket on top of a cozy white bedspread and supportive mattress creates an enviable nap spot.


18. The Barely Grey Bedroom

The grey is this bedroom is so subtle of an element that you might not even notice that it’s there at first glance. The light grey bedspread and light grey wall serve as a great neutral for this space that’s otherwise made up of a navy grey centerpiece. It’s a good reminder that grey can worked into type of bedroom interior design.


19. Simply Grey Pops in This Bedroom

This bedroom uses grey as simple accents but skips it as the main color. This allows for a diverse assortment of shades and colors that all compliment one another while staying cool toned and simple. This is a great example of how putting together grey and silver can look incredible.


20. The Grey Sleigh Bed Bedroom

This room uses a grey sleigh bed to be its centerpiece, which makes sense in this sort of smaller space. If you’re going to have minimal furniture in an area it makes sense to create a statement piece. In this example having the one wall in a shade of grey as well allows for a sense of cohesion and theme without having to bring in more furniture to do so.

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