Human Grade Dog Food : What You Need to Know About Fresh Delivery

Your dog deserves the best of the best, and you want to give it to him! The trouble is, it’s hard to tell which dog food products are actually worth the money and which ones are nothing but hype.

When it comes to a healthy diet for dogs, it’s all in the ingredients. Your dog deserves real animal protein – things like chicken, turkey, or beef – and wholesome natural ingredients that deliver the nutrition he needs to stay strong and healthy. If you’re looking for high-quality ingredients, why not feed your do the same quality you’d eat yourself? Go for human-grade.

But what do human grade dog food recipes even look like? Fortunately, there are a number of fresh dog food delivery services on the market that send the best human grade dog food right to your door.

We’ve taken the time to test and review all of the best human-grade dog food brands on the market right now to help you make the smart choice for your dog. Here’s how we ranked them:

The Best Human Grade Dog Food

If you’re going to feed your dog human grade food, you want to be sure it’s good. It’s important to take your time to research any product before you feed it to your dog, especially if it’s something you’ll be feeding him every day. You can’t always trust what you read on a pet food label.

There are too many dog food companies out there to count, but they aren’t all worthy of your consideration. We’ve done you the favor of picking out the best human grade dog food companies to bring you these quick reviews so you can narrow down your choices.

Here are our top five picks for the best human grade dog food in different categories:

 BrandVarietyWeekly Price
Our FavoriteNom Nom4 varieties<$40
Great ValueThe Farmer’s Dog3 recipes<$40
Premium PickPetPlate4 varieties<$50
Non-SubscriptionThe Honest KitchenOver 10<$20
Most TrustedOllie4 varieties<$40

*Weekly price estimated for a 30-pound male dog with normal activity level

What is the Best Human Grade Dog Food Brand?

When it comes to the best human grade dog food, your opinion is what really matters. Your dog will eat just about anything, so it’s your job to make a smart choice on his behalf. Look for a company that uses wholesome ingredients and that isn’t afraid to tell you exactly where those ingredients come from and how they are prepared. Some of the most telling evidence of a company that cares about pets and their health are the real customer reviews praising their efforts.

In choosing a dog food company, consider your dog’s preferences as well as your budget. The companies we’ve chosen fall into different pricing tiers and we’ve labeled them by category. Whether you’re looking for fresh food, raw food, or dry food, you’ll find something that fits the bill reviewed below.

Our Favorite: Nom Nom

If you’re looking for quality nutrition for your dog, Nom Nom has the human grade dog food recipes you want and the flavor your dog craves. Choose from four protein-rich recipes made with beef, chicken, pork, or turkey along with wholesome grains, fresh veggies, and antioxidant-rich fruits. Each recipe is packed with flavor and moisture, balanced according to your dog’s nutrient and calorie needs.

What we really love about Nom Nom is the fact that each bag contains a single day’s worth of food for your dog. Thaw one a day or several at a time, whatever you find most convenience. When it comes to feeding, simply snip open the bag and pour it into your dog’s bowl. You won’t have to wait long until your dog comes running when he hears to fumbling with the scissors.


  • Every recipe is made with real animal protein and wholesome veggies
  • Meals come pre-portioned in individual packages for convenience
  • Company is very open and transparent about ingredients and manufacturing


  • Small packages come wrapped together, can be a little tricky to store
  • Limited options for customers to control their account online

Great Value: The Farmer’s Dog

Premium dog food costs a pretty penny, but it’s worth the price. The Farmer’s Dog is great for value because the price is reasonable, and you get the convenience of pre-portioned meals. Every package contains real, wholesome ingredients you can see and you’ll rest easy knowing each meal is portioned according to your dog’s individual calorie needs.

Not only does The Farmer’s Dog use the highest quality human-grade ingredients, but their foods are cooked in small batches at low temperatures to preserve the nutritional quality. Choose from three protein-rich recipes made with real meat or poultry and watch your dog devour every last bite. Just when your stock is starting to run low, you’ll receive a delivery notice for your next automatic shipment – it couldn’t be easier than that.


  • All meals come pre-portioned for easy feeding/storage
  • Recipes made with real meat and wholesome veggies
  • Food cooked at low temperatures to preserve nutrition


  • There are only three dog food recipes to choose from
  • You may need to create profile to view recipes online

Premium Pick: PetPlate

When you want the best for your dog, PetPlate is the company to trust. Not only do they use human-grade ingredients, but they guarantee their products are free from rendered meats and by-products as well as artificial additives. Products are kettle-cooked in USDA facilities and batch tested for safety. Every product starts with a veterinary nutritionist and is made with a proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals to deliver the nutrition your dog needs for optimal health.

What makes PetPlate a little different from other dog food delivery services is that they send your meals in reusable containers. The plastic tubs may take up a little more space in your freezer, but you don’t have to deal with plastic bags and you can scoop directly from the tub into your dog’s bowl. You’ll still receive personalized meal plan with specific serving guidelines according to your dog’s calorie needs.


  • All products are made with USDA ingredients
  • Reusable containers make it easy to store leftovers
  • Kettle cooked for quality and nutritional integrity


  • Plastic containers take up more room in the freezer
  • Individual meals are not pre-portioned

Non-Subscription: The Honest Kitchen

Having your dog’s food delivered is great, but sometimes you need the food immediately or you want to shop around a bit and compare products on the pet store shelf. If you’re looking for human-grade dog food recipes available without a subscription, try The Honest Kitchen. Sold in pet stores and from major online retailers, The Honest Kitchen offers dehydrated dog food in both grain-free and grain-inclusive recipes made with wholesome, human-grade ingredients.

The Honest Kitchen dehydrated dog food is shelf-stable, so you don’t have to worry about it going bad before you use it. You simply add water or broth to your dog’s daily portion and let it rehydrate before offering it up. Some dogs take time to get used to the texture, but the flavor is hard to beat.


  • Made with real animal proteins and human-grade ingredients
  • Wide variety of recipes to choose from, including grain-inclusive
  • Just add water to rehydrate the product each day


  • Some dogs just don’t like rehydrated dog food
  • Dehydrated food can be tricky to portion properly

Most Trusted: Ollie

If you’re going to change your dog’s diet, you want to have some assurance that it’s worth the cost and the hassle. With a company like Ollie, you know exactly what you’re getting and you get the peace-of-mind that comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. Ollie’s recipes are all vet-formulated for balanced nutrition and made with wholesome, human-grade ingredients to delivery optimal nutrition.

Ollie creates personalized plans tailored to your dog’s individual requirements. Adjust your dog’s diet based on his age, activity level, and allergies with options available if your dog needs to gain or lose weight. Ollie may not send your meals in pre-portioned packages, but they are packaged for convenient freezer storage and you’ll receive a scoop and container for leftovers with each delivery.


  • Vet-formulated recipes made with wholesome natural ingredients
  • Four protein-rich recipes to choose from
  • Products are free from fillers, by-products, and artificial additives


  • Meals do not come in pre-portioned packages
  • Significant use of plastic materials (can be recycled)

Other Human-Grade Dog Foods We Like

If you’re not sure one of the options listed above is the right pick for your pet, don’t worry – there are still others to consider! Whether you’re looking for raw food or another option in dehydrated dog food, we’ve got a few more options for you to think about. Here they are:

Grocery Pup

Human-grade ingredients only go so far if the end product is cooked to death. High heat processing destroys the nutritional integrity of raw ingredients, but Grocery Pup has the solution – the sous vide cooking method. Their meals are gently cooked in a water bath to maximize both nutrition and flavor, giving your dog the nutrients he needs in a flavorful meal he won’t be able to resist. Every recipe is crafted by veterinary nutritionists and balanced for optimal nutrition.


  • Recipes cooked sous vide to preserve moisture and nutrition
  • Customers can single products or subscribe to monthly deliveries
  • Products are crafted by veterinarians and tested by dogs


  • Large freezer bags take up a little more space
  • Meals are not divided into daily portions (frozen by pound)


The only thing better than fresh dog food in the mind of veterinary nutritionists is raw food. Without cooking to destroy the nutrients, raw dog food delivers a straight shot of nutrition right to your dog’s body. Darwin’s offers a wide variety of options, including products made with free-range meats and organic vegetables. Recipes come frozen in 1-pound patties with perforated packaging for your convenience and you’ll receive a sample order of 10 pounds to start for just $14.95.


  • Larger variety of products than many subscription companies
  • Receive your first order of 10 pounds for just $14.95
  • Meals are frozen in patties with tear-off packages for convenience


  • You’ll need to portion the food out yourself
  • Raw foods require safe handling procedures

Spot Farms Dehydrated Dog Food

Fresh food is great, but it isn’t always a convenient option when it comes to storage. If you’re looking for a human-grade dog food that is shelf-stable, consider Spot Farms. This company offers a variety of dehydrated dog foods made with premium proteins like chicken, pork, turkey, beef, and duck in both grain-free and grain-inclusive formulas. Simply rehydrate and serve.

Spot Farms offers complete and balanced nutrition for dogs and all of their products are completely free from meat meals, by-products, and artificial additives. The company is very transparent about the quality of their ingredients as well as their sourcing. The beef in their recipes, for example, comes from USA beef raised in Wyoming. Simply put, this is a company and a product you can trust.


  • Shelf-stable dog food that can be rehydrated as needed
  • Made with real animal protein and wholesome natural ingredients
  • Ingredients sourced from local, trustworthy farmers and suppliers


  • Fairly pricey, costs over $10 per pound of dry food
  • Some dogs dislike the texture of rehydrated food

Spot & Tango

Another option in premium human-grade dog food comes from Spot and Tango. You may only have three recipes to choose from, but each bag is pre-portioned according to your dog’s calorie needs and filled with wholesome ingredients you can see. You’ll receive honest guidance along with your dog’s personalized meal plan as well as the assurance that every recipe contains just 12 simple ingredients. Spot & Tango also offers the only Fresh Dry food for dogs – UnKibble – also made with human-grade ingredients including real meat and wholesome veggies.


  • Recipes made with real proteins and wholesome veggies
  • One option for grain-inclusive preferences
  • All meals are pre-portioned and frozen flat for convenience


  • Only three fresh dog food recipes to choose from
  • Might be a little more expensive than other brands

What Does Human Grade Even Mean?

You may be familiar with the use of terms like “grade” in reference to certain food products, particularly meat. But what does it mean when a dog food is labeled human-grade?

According to the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), the term “human grade” can only be applied to the product as a whole, not to individual ingredients. To give you the details, “every ingredient and the resulting product must be stored, handled, processed, and transported in a manner that is consistent and compliant with regulations for current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs) for human edible foods” as determined by the USDA.

To put it more simply, the ingredients and the process through which they’re prepared, cooked, and processed needs to meet the same standards used for human foods.

The Benefits of Human-Grade Dog Food

When it comes to human-grade dog food, you still have to be smart about choosing a reputable company that has your dog’s best interest in mind. Just because the product is human-grade isn’t necessarily a guarantee that it is formulated properly or that the ingredients are any better than you’d find in the typical commercial kibble. The human grade dog food recipes we’ve recommended above are, however, of premium quality.

Here are some of the benefits of high-quality, human-grade food for your dog:

  • Higher quality ingredients mean optimized nutrition for your dog – better absorption of nutrients and improved overall health.
  • Better ingredients are easier for your dog to digest which reduces digestive upset and may even reduce the size and odor of his stools.
  • When a dog food is made with human-grade ingredients, they are generally less processed – you can actually decipher the ingredients on the label without drowning in artificial additives.
  • Real, wholesome ingredients provide your dog with a healthier source of energy which builds his immunity and increases vitality – it may even lead to a longer lifespan.
  • Whole-food ingredients contain natural sources of key nutrients including essential fatty acids which are important for your dog’s skin and coat health.

As a dog owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure your dog’s nutritional requirements are met. If you’re looking for a wholesome, natural diet we recommend trying fresh dog food from one of the human-grade dog food companies we’ve reviewed above.

Fresh Dog Food FAQs

Is human-grade dog food better for my dog?

The term human-grade refers to the standards to which the ingredients and processes used in the product are held. If the ingredients and manufacturing processes meet USDA standards for human food, the product can be labeled human-grade. It’s important to remember, however, that not everything that is human grade might be considered human edible. Some of the parts of the chicken you wouldn’t personally eat, for example, are still technically human grade. It’s important to do your own research and to be aware of what you’re feeding your dog.

Do human grade dog food recipes cost more?

When it comes to dog food, price is often equated with quality. You’ll pay more for a good dog food than you would a cheap one, but not all expensive dog foods are worth the price. That being said, the human grade dog food companies we’ve recommended above all pass the test. It really comes down to the use of wholesome, natural ingredients as well as processes designed to protect the nutritional integrity and safety of the raw ingredients. You’ll probably pay more for human-grade dog food than you would regular food, if only because the product has to be manufactured in a separate food facility – it can’t be made on machinery that also produces pet food.

What is the difference between human-grade fresh food and kibble?

Both kibble and fresh dog food can be designated human-grade. It’s simply a matter of how the manufacturer chooses to cook the product. Human-grade kibble may be better than the average kibble, but it isn’t a guarantee. Fresh food is, however, generally better than most commercial kibble.

How do I transition my dog onto human grade dog food?

Dogs are subject to digestive upset with sudden changes to the diet, so it’s important to transition your dog onto the new human grade food instead of switching him over immediately. Start by giving your dog a small portion of the food to make sure he doesn’t have an allergy then start mixing the new dog food with his current diet. Mix 25% of the new food with 75% of your dog’s current diet for a few days then gradually increase the ratio as long as your dog doesn’t have a negative reaction. You should be able to make the switch within 7 to 10 days.

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