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Naturally fresh are a brand that focuses on one thing and one thing only – walnut based cat litters. They’ve devoted more time and resources into developing walnut based litters than any other brand on the market, and the amount of performance they’re able to squeeze out of the material is impressive.

Today we’re going to take a look at their products in great detail to see what we like (and what we don’t like) about them. We’re going to share with you the results of our research and analysis of hundreds of online reviews (from verified customers). To conclude we’ll give you some money saving tips, a list of pros and cons, and our overall verdict and recommendation about the brand.

Let’s get started.

Different Types of Naturally Fresh Cat Litter

To start this article off, we’re going to take a look at some of the most popular and most notable cat litters that Naturally Fresh currently produce. This isn’t their entire product range, but it’s a good selection of what they have on the market – so there should be something for everyone here.

Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Multi-Cat Quick-Clumping Cat Litter

Like all the products Naturally Fresh produce, this is a walnut based cat litter. Walnut has several advantages over clay-based litters, one of which is that it’s completely natural. It’s a renewable litter source, that doesn’t require the heavy industry involved in mining clay to create. It’s also free from all kinds of nasty chemicals that can irritate or potentially harm your kitty.

Walnut-based litters are super absorbent, which is what makes this product (and many of the products Naturally Fresh create) suitable for multi-cat households. It’s a clumping litter that has an exceptionally good clumping action. The super absorbent nature of the material sucks up any moisture it comes into contact with and the clumps that form are large and hard. There’s little chance of them breaking apart when you’re cleaning out the tray – and they’re comparable to clay-based clumps in terms of strength (more or less).

It’s a virtually dust-free litter, which means that homes with a sensitive feline (or a sensitive human) are going to suffer less, and it also makes changing and pouring litter a much more pleasant task. Additionally, it’s reasonably heavy for a natural litter, so it’s a low tracking product – keeping your home that little bit cleaner.

It’s an unscented product, and instead of covering up the smells left behind by your kitty it locks them away and neutralizes them instead. Naturally Fresh claim that walnut based litters control odor better than clay, pine, and wheat litters. We’re not sure if that claim is entirely true – but it’s certainly a great product in terms of odor elimination. Your litter tray will probably smell better than it ever has if you put this stuff in it.

Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Ultra Odor Control Multi-Cat Quick-Clumping Cat Litter

Again, this is a walnut based litter that is unscented. It provides protection against smells by destroying them (and the bacteria that create them) and locking them away in clumps – instead of covering them up with a scent.

In all honesty, it’s very similar to the product above. The main difference is that it has got a much quicker clumping action. This reduces the amount of time the “fresh” pee smell has to escape before being neutralized by the clumps. It achieves this by using a slightly different blend of walnut fibers which speeds up the clumping process.

The “Ultra Odor Control” feature that makes up the name of this product is a little bit of marketing trickery in our opinion.

As far as we can tell it only refers to the fact that the quicker clumping reduces the smell slightly, we can see no other difference in the make up of the product that would eliminate smells more than the product above. This isn’t a deal breaker, because both products we’ve mentioned so far are excellent in the odor elimination department.

Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Alpine Meadow Scent Multi-Cat Quick-Clumping Cat Litter

This is the first scented product we’re recommending from Naturally Fresh, which is something we don’t do lightly…

If you’ve read some of our other content, you’ll know that we’re a little bit picky when it comes to recommending a scented cat litter. Sometimes they can actually make the problem worse instead of better. Cat pee mixed with a weak and cheap scent smells worse than cat pee on its own.

However, with this product, that’s not the case.

The alpine meadow fragrance is light and pleasant, it’s not overpowering and it’s not something you’re going to smell from afar. On its own this wouldn’t be enough to cover up the smell of your kitty’s “business”, but it’s not on its own…

When combined with the clumping action and the super absorbent nature of walnut based litters, there’s not much smell that escapes the litter box that needs to be covered up. The scent works hand in hand with the rest of the properties of the litter to create a well-rounded system that eliminates odors without becoming overpowering.

Like all the products that Naturally Fresh produce, it’s still biodegradable – despite being scented. This means you can throw it in a compost heap or a garden waste bin, and you’ll be doing another little thing to help the world stay a cleaner and greener place.

Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Herbal Attraction Quick-Clumping Cat Litter

This product is very similar to the product above, so we’re not going to repeat ourselves too much. Just know that it’s a clumping product, it has got great absorption, and it has still got a low tracking formula too.

The clever thing about this litter is that the scent in the product above has been replaced with a blend of natural plant extracts and herbs. These materials have been specifically chosen to be attractive to cats who are possibly a little bit fussy about using the litter box. It’s a training litter of sorts, and if you’ve got a kitty that’s rejecting the litter tray, it’s certainly worth a try.

The downside of this is that the scent is possibly a little less pleasant to us humans than the fresh alpine scent of the product above. It’s designed for your kitty to enjoy, not you.

However, don’t let that put you off this product – it’s not an unpleasant scent by any stretch of the imagination. If the price to pay for getting your kitty to use the tray is a slightly less enjoyable scent for us humans – in our opinion, it’s a price that’s well worth paying.

Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Kitten Training Quick-Clumping Cat Litter

We’re not going to go into too much detail about this product, it’s virtually identical to the product above – but it’s worth us touching on briefly.

It has got a similar blend of attractant plant extracts and herbs, they’re just in lower concentrations to not be too overpowering for smaller kittens and their more delicate nostrils. The granule size is also a little bit smaller and softer too, which makes it more agreeable to the smaller more delicate paws of a kitten.

It’s a great product if you’re looking to train a kitten to use the tray, just know that you might be dependent upon the adult product we mentioned above when your kitty gets older.

They may reject any litter that doesn’t have the smell they get used to when they’re a kitten.

Naturally Fresh Cat Litter Coupons

We couldn’t find any coupons for Naturally Fresh litter anywhere (online or offline). This is a little disappointing, but it’s not uncommon, cat litter manufacturers rarely directly release coupon codes.

But, we’ve still managed to find a way for you to save on your litter bill.

Many pet supply stores will provide their customers with discount codes and coupons that apply to a range of products – especially if it’s your first time shopping with them.

One of the best examples of this that is currently active is Chewy.com, who are currently offering 30% off a wide range of products, including Naturally Fresh cat litter.

Chewy Online Pet Supplies

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Naturally Fresh Cat Litter Reviews

So now we’ve got a good idea of the wide range of different walnut based products that Naturally Fresh produce. In this section we’re going to try and find out what real life customers think about their products.

We’ve read literally hundreds of Naturally Fresh reviews all over the internet to try and find some common compliments (and complaints) about the brand and their products in general.

Here’s what we found.

Eco-Friendliness – One of the biggest talking points in many reviews was more to do with the fact that they’re eco-friendly products instead of the benefits of the litter itself. Clay mining is a huge industrial process that is very bad for the environment. People were very happy to have found a product with similar (or even better) properties than clay without it being bad for the planet.

Price / Value – We’ve combined price and value into one section here because the two are similar concepts – but they’re not the same. Several people noted in reviews that Naturally Fresh’s products are more expensive than clay-based litters, which is obviously not ideal. However, many people also went on to say that despite this, it’s great value for money considering the performance and eco-friendly nature of the material. They also mentioned how it’s still cheaper than some other natural litter materials and is a good middle ground in terms of price.

Absorption – Walnut-based litters are well known for being some of the most absorbent litters on the planet. Naturally Fresh state that their litter is up to 3 times more absorbent than some clay-based litters – and the customer reviews we read seem to agree with this. The only exception we could find to this trend was with regards to the non-clumping litter that Naturally Fresh produce. It seemed to break down a little too quickly and pools formed at the bottom of the tray – their non-clumping litters did not have this problem.

Tracking – Walnut is one of the heavier kinds of natural material that can be used in cat litter, but it’s still much lighter than clay. This means that it could potentially track more than clay-based litters, and some reviews seemed to confirm this. However, on the whole reviews were generally positive about the amount of tracking with Naturally Fresh’s products, and it was rare to see a customer complain about it.

Pro’s And Con’s


  • Very environmentally friendly litter that’s biodegradable
  • Highly absorbent material (up to 3 times more than clay)
  • Strong clumping action forms large and heavy clumps
  • Reasonably low tracking material (considering it’s a natural litter)
  • Great odor elimination properties
  • Scented products are light yet powerful enough to cover smells


  • Could be a little cheaper

Is Naturally Fresh Cat Litter Good For Multiple Cats?

Yes! Many of the litters that Naturally Fresh produce are suitable for multi-cat households (but not all of them). If you share your home with more than one kitty, here are 3 products that we specifically recommend:

  • Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Multi-Cat Quick-Clumping Cat Litter
  • Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Ultra Odor Control Multi-Cat Quick-Clumping Cat Litter
  • Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Alpine Meadow Scent Multi-Cat Quick-Clumping Cat Litter


So there you have it, that’s what we think about Naturally Fresh and their excellent range of walnut based cat litters. Who’d have thought you could make so many different kinds of litter from walnuts!

In terms of value for money and performance, it’s hard to find a natural material that comes close to walnut based litters (although there are some out there). If you’re looking for a virtually dust free, high-quality litter that’s made from renewable materials and is good for the environment – then look no further…

Because in our opinion, all of Naturally Fresh’s products are more than worthy of your consideration.

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