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Tidy Cats are arguably one of the most popular brands of cat litter on the market right now. Despite what many people think, Tidy Cats are not actually their own brand – they are part of the megabrand Purina. Purina knows a thing or two about pet supplies, which may explain why their range of Tidy Cats products are some of the most cost-effective and great value litters of any brand, anywhere.

Today we’re going to look at what we think are some of the best Tidy Cats litters currently on the market (and we’re going to tell you what we like (and dislike) about them. We’re going to share some money saving tips, look for commonalities in verified customer reviews, and finally provide you with our overall recommendation about the brand.

Let’s get started.

Different Types of Tidy Cat Litter

Tidy Cats have such a huge product range that it’s impossible for us to list them all here – if we did, you’d be reading this article for hours. Instead, we’re going to review some of their most popular and most interesting litters below – we’ve tried to pick a range that will include something for everyone.

Tidy Cats Scoop Instant Action Immediate Odor Control Cat Litter

This product is undoubtedly the most popular litter that Tidy Cats create. Many people see it as their “standard” litter, and we’d somewhat agree. It has been designed from the ground up to simply focus on the basics and do what a good litter should do – without resorting to cheap marketing gimmicks.

It’s a clay litter with a medium granule size that will feel natural and pleasant underneath your cat’s paws. This means that there’s a low chance of rejection – even if you’ve got a reasonably fussy kitty.

The clay is unscented, and instead of covering up the smells to keep your home fresh it prefers to neutralize them and lock them away. The clumping action of the litter is excellent, especially when you consider the price point it’s being sold at. The clumps form and dry quickly, minimizing the amount of time any smells have to potentially escape. Once the clumps have dried, they’re rock hard – and they’re unlikely to break apart when you’re cleaning the tray.

It’s a reasonably low dust formula, however, as it’s a clay litter, some dust has to be expected. If you’ve got super sensitive allergies (or your cat does) then you might need to check out a more specialist litter – but for the rest of us, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised here.

It’s a highly absorbent litter, and its clumping action and odor control capabilities are super effective – which means it can handle the “business” of multiple cats with ease. At around $13 for 35lbs of this litter, it’s exceptionally good value for money, and it is more than worthy of being added to your shortlist.

Tidy Cats Scoop Glade Tough Odor Solutions Cat Litter

We absolutely love this litter, it’s a clever design pattern that has been carefully crafted to ensure that all its “moving parts” work in perfect harmony to create some of the cleanest and freshest litter trays on the planet.

It’s another clumping clay litter that’s got a medium granule size – which again means it’s got a low chance of rejection from your kitty. The clumping action is very similar to the product above, and you’re going to get strong, firm clumps that dry quickly into rock-hard balls that won’t break apart.

The clumps have got Tidy Lock technology inside them, which ensures that your nostrils are protected against smells from ammonia, urine, and feces – locking them all away inside the clumps until you come to clean the tray.

The interesting thing about this litter is that it has been infused with Glade’s tough odor solutions scent.

We’re pretty sure that most of you will have heard of Glade, they’re one of the biggest air freshener manufacturers in the world. Over their many years of business, they have learned a thing or two (to say the least) about how to cover up smells and make rooms smell fresh again.

As such, it’s not hard to see how Glade and Tidy Cats came to collaborate on this product together – it was a natural step for both companies to work hand in hand and create one of the best scented cat litters on the market.

Usually, we’re a little bit cautious about recommending scented cat litters – they can sometimes make the smell worse rather than better. Cat pee on its own is much more “pleasant” than a mixture of cat pee and cheap air freshener…

But this is no cheap air freshener.

The scent is delicate enough to be inoffensive when you’re near the tray, but it’s strong enough to cover up the “business” of even the most stinky kitties. This is undoubtedly partially thanks to the excellent clumping action the litter naturally has locking away smells and reducing the amount of odor that needs to be covered up in the first place.

It’s not much more expensive than the Instant Action product we talked about earlier, and if you’re a scented litter kind of person – it’s a great product that’s more than worthy of your consideration.

Tidy Cats LightWeight 24/7 Performance Clumping Cat Litter

This is one of the more expensive products that Tidy Cats creates, but it’s also one of the most efficient. It’s a lightweight litter that weighs up to 50% less than the standard litters that Tidy Cats create.

This lightweight nature has several benefits, most notably it’s much easier to lift, pour, and store. This may seem like a reasonably trivial difference, but once you try a lightweight litter you’ll feel like you’re having a workout if you ever go back to standard weight stuff. It makes changing and generally dealing with litter a much more “enjoyable” task.

It’s also much more absorbent than standard litter pound for pound. This means that despite you paying more for the same weight of litter, you’re getting more volume and the tub will last much longer. It’s hard for us to say if the extra efficiency is enough to offset the additional cost of the product completely – but we’d be surprised if it wasn’t at least close to being the same kind of value.

Apart from the weight, the actual performance of the litter is reasonably similar to the Instant Action product we reviewed first. It’s a clumping clay litter with a strong clumping action that’s quick drying and forms hard balls, and it has also got its dustiness under control as it’s 99% dust free.

We’re particularly impressed by this litter as it’s rated for use in multi-cat households – which is something that many other lightweight litters struggle with. It has got the triple action protection system we mentioned earlier that will protect against odors from feces, urine, and ammonia too.

Tidy Cats Free & Clean Unscented Clumping Cat Litter

The final Tidy Cats product we’re going to look at today is this excellent unscented litter that has a special ingredient to further increase its odor killing power.

It’s an unscented litter, which means its focus is on trapping away smells and neutralizing them instead of obscuring them with a scent. The main way it does this through its clumping action, which works in exactly the same way as we’ve already discussed with the products above. The clumps are equally as strong, form equally as quickly, and dry equally as hard.

The main difference you’ll notice with this litter is that it has been infused with activated charcoal (or activated carbon if you want to be scientific about it). Activated charcoal has been used in medicines and materials for countless years now as a natural filtration and antimicrobial agent – and using it in cat litter is currently extremely popular.

When the activated charcoal combines with the natural antimicrobial properties of clay and its strong clumping action – it makes for one of the most efficient litters in terms of odor control you’re likely to find. Considering it’s only a fraction of a dollar more expensive than Tidy Cat’s “standard” Instant Action litter – we highly recommend you put it at the top of your shortlist.

Tidy Cat Litter Coupons

Tidy Cats have a mailing list you can join to receive coupons that specifically discount their products. The coupons that are released are reasonably infrequent, and they’re not all that generous.

The best way to save on Tidy Cat’s litter (or any litter for that matter) is to look out for promotions that are being run by pet supply stores instead of the brand itself. For example, Chewy.com are currently running a 30% off promotion that will provide you with a discount on a huge range of products – including Tidy Cats litter.

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Tidy Cat Litter Reviews

So now we know a little bit about the most popular Tidy Cats products on the market, but enough about what we think – what do real paying customers have to say?

For this section of the article, we have scoured the internet high and low to try and find some common trends and patterns in the reviews of verified customers. Here is what we found.

Value – There’s no doubt about it, the most popular thing about these products is the price. Many reviewers stated that they’d tried more expensive litters that had better performance, but almost none seemed disappointed by the value Tidy Cats litter provides. It hits the sweet spot between effectiveness and price that is probably one of the largest reasons the brand is as popular and as successful as it is.

Clumping Action – Tidy Cats clumping products all received excellent reviews in the clumping department. This isn’t all that much of a surprise, as any decent quality clay product will create a good strong clump that doesn’t break down. Customers remarked that once the clumps were dry, they stayed solid – and reports of breakages when cleaning the tray were uncommon.

Scent – The scented litter that is infused with Glade’s product got exceptionally good reviews for the perfume it provides. Customers commented that it’s almost unnoticeable unless you’re really close to the tray – yet it does the job of covering up the smell of pee and poo excellently.

Odor Control – The clumping action combined with the natural antimicrobial properties of clay (and the Triple Action system Tidy Cats have developed) ensured that many reviewers were very pleased with the odor elimination capabilities of the unscented litters that Tidy Cats produce. Their Free & Clean litter that has the activated charcoal inside of it was particularly well received, and there seemed to be a notable improvement over the “standard” Instant Action product.

Pro’s And Con’s


  • Excellent value for money
  • Brilliant odor control
  • Strong clumping action
  • Triple Action protection system
  • Scented litters are high quality
  • Low dust litters (considering they are clay)


  • You can get better performing litter (if you’re willing to pay for it)

Is Tidy Cat Litter Good For Multiple Cats?

Many of Tidy Cats litters are rated for use in multi-cat households, but there are a few which are not. Here are 5 multi-cat litters from the brand that we recommend:

  1. Tidy Cats Scoop Instant Action Immediate Odor Control Cat Litter
  2. Tidy Cats Scoop Glade Tough Odor Solutions Cat Litter
  3. Tidy Cats Scoop 24/7 Performance Continuous Odor Control Cat Litter
  4. Tidy Cats Non-Clumping 24/7 Performance Long Lasting Odor Control Cat Litter
  5. Tidy Cats LightWeight 24/7 Performance Clumping Cat Litter


So there you have it, that’s all there is to know about Tidy Cats.

Purina, the brand that makes Tidy Cats is one of the biggest, best, and longest established brands in the pet supply world for a very good reason. They know how to provide their customers with brilliant performance at a price point that won’t break the bank.

We’re not going to sit here and tell you that these are the best products that money can buy – because there are better premium products out there (that have a premium price tag).

But if you want a solid, mid-range litter, that provides excellent bang for your buck, you can’t go wrong with a Tidy Cats product.

They wholeheartedly get our recommendation.

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