A feminine touch in a bedroom can really create a wonderfully welcoming vibe. There’s often a certain softness to certain colors that can be used in a bedroom to create a very relaxing feel. The female inspired sleep sanctuaries on this list vary in their design styles, but they all have a feminine touch that is enjoyable for anyone. Some of them draw on vintage pieces (or vintage-inspired pieces) to create a familiar feeling, while others utilize more traditionally feminine details like floral patterns, lace, and, and distinct layers. In some cases there’s a clear feminine touch in the entire bedroom, and in others, the focus is more on the bed or on one particular area. We love all of the end results shown here, both in their similarities and their differences. Read on to see some inspiring ideas for womens bedroom ideas.

1. Vintage Details for a Feminine Bedroom

The vintage details in this bedroom have a distinctly feminine flair to them and coupled with a soft pink wall it creates a gorgeous female inspired room. We love how commanding the frames around the mirrors are and how that looks against the very soft pink wall.


2. The Beautiful Pink Wall

Creating a pink wall (or a few) is one great option when it comes to setting up a woman’s bedroom. When there is a pink wall that feminine feeling remains no matter what else you put into the bedroom. In this example just putting a pillow with small floral designs help extend that feminine feel throughout the rest of the room.


3. Lush Purple Bedding

This bedroom is made feminine and romantic thanks to the lush purple bedding on the bed in the middle in the room. This room has a lot of lines and angles which could take it in a more stark direction, but that elegant bed serves to balance things out really nicely.

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4. The Comfortable Feminine Bed

This bed is all things feminine, from the pink headboard to the ruffles around the edges of the pillows. The fun thing about pillows is that you can change the cases on them so easily, so what looks like a very feminine bed one day could be made more subtle the next just depending on what sort of bedding is being used.


5. Romantic Pink Curtains

These pink curtains offer a decidedly feminine touch to a room that otherwise doesn’t look particularly feminine. In fact, one might say that the beige leather chair offers a more masculine feeling. Together there is a great balance in mood that creates a chic and comfortable corner to a bedroom.


6. The Pastel Bedding

This bedroom is fairly basic in its design until you get to the bedding, at which point the feminine inspired feel comes in. The pastel colors are very soft but they still show up and make a sweet and comfortable looking bed. Mixing the white in with the pink creates a nice balance without going overboard with the color.


7. A Chunky Knit on the Bed

Nothing makes a bed looks cozier than a big chunky knit, and in this example, it also helps makes the otherwise grey room very feminine. The balance is repeated throughout the bedroom. As you can see even the art on the wall has both pink and grey in it. These are details that might not be consciously noticed at first glance, but overall serve to make a woman’s bedroom feel nice and cohesive.


8. The Shabby Chic Bedroom Vibe

This bedroom has a very feminine feel thanks to the shabby chic contents inside of it. The fun thing about decorating a bedroom with shabby chic items is that they can be vintage, and those are often found for great prices. There’s a lot of freedom for playing around with mixing new and old items.

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9. The Feminine Boho Bedroom

This boho inspired bedroom is a great choice for a feminine style bedroom as well. There are lots of lush plants in the real which really create that natural feeling, and the twinkle lights set into some of them further that feeling even more. The runner on the bed has bright colors in it to balance out the style of the rest of the room.


10. A Feminine Bedspread Focal Point

In this bedroom, the main attraction is the very feminine and flirty bedspread. The soft ruffled edges look great next to that brick wall, forming the perfect type of textural juxtaposition. The natural fibers used in the baskets and on the rug add in a third element to balance it out even more.


11. A Gorgeous Canopy

This lace-inspired bed canopy is gorgeous in a woman’s bedroom, and since this one hangs from the ceiling it can be used in a room whether there’s a bed frame or not. It’s a great way to make the bed the focal point while still being sheer enough to not get in the way of the rest of the design.


12. A Decorative Fireplace

The fireplace in this bedroom is being used as a decorative portion of the room and we love it. The flowers inside at the bottom of the fireplace offer a softness where there’s generally fire, and the mantle is the perfect spot to place a vintage mirror and some elegant looking glass items.


13. Layers of Pillows

Adding a few layers of pillows into a bedroom is a fast way to increase the comfortable feminine feeling. On this bed all of the visible pillows are decorative items, which offers a lot of room for playing around with different textures, patterns, and colors to create the ideal bedroom look.


14. Fresh Flowers By the Bed

Setting some fresh flowers next to the bed in a bedroom is a great way to add in a feminine feel. This room also has the plant element repeated in an image on the wall, as well as that of a model, and a cute saying. The room is rather simple yet has a distinct point of view.

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15. Pink and Green Bedroom

This pink and green bedroom is like a feminine jungle oasis. There’s so much going on in this room that it’s almost hard to see the walls or the floor, but since there are a few elements being repeated it looks cohesive and inviting. There’s even something magical feeling about having this many plants in a bedroom.


16. Floral Inspired Bedroom

This floral inspired bedroom uses flowers in vases and on the bedspread at the same time. One could almost go overboard with this tactic, but this room managed to balance it out by going all white with the bedspread and on the wall behind the bed.


17. Gorgeous Gold Details

This is a great example of how a white wall can be dressed up with some gorgeous gold details. This round mirror has a feminine feel to it thanks to the shape, and the gold repeated on the lamp and the bedside table create a beautiful flow around the room.


18. Adding in an Inspirational Quote

For a fun twist on bedroom decorations, adding in an inspirational neon quote on the wall can be a great pop of whimsy. It works well in this room, which is rather industrial with the grey brick wall. We love the blend of those elements plus the romantic candles above the bed.


19. All Lights Everywhere

This bedroom looks like it came straight out of a dream. From the white picket fence to the tree branches and twinkle lights. This offers a very feminine feel and even takes the bedroom into themed territory. It’s not for everyone, but the individual design elements in here can be used in all different types of bedroom designs.


20. The Repeating Balances

The balance above this bed is just bursting with femininity, a shape which is then repeated in the curtain folds, and even the way the towels are folded on the bed. There is a soft and flowing feel that cascades throughout this bedroom and and makes it feel sweet and inspired at the same time.

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