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Despite the higher cost, they remain one of the most popular brands of cat litter on the market – so they must be doing something right. Today we’re going to put World’s Best cat litter to the test, to see if they’re worthy of the name.

We’re going to start off by reviewing their products in great detail to see what’s good (and what’s not so good) about them. After that, we’re going to check out what verified customers have to say about the brand, and we’re going to provide you with a list of pros and cons.

To conclude we’ll share a money-saving tip or two, alongside our overall recommendation about the brand and their products.

Let’s get started.

Different Types of World’s Best Cat Litter

So to start this article off, we’re going to look at some of the most interesting (and most popular) products that World’s Best currently have on the market. This isn’t a complete list of their entire product range, but it provides a comprehensive cross-section of their current offerings.

World’s Best Cat Litter Scoopable Multiple Cat Clumping Formula

Like most of World’s Best products, this is a corn-based litter – and it’s undoubtedly their most popular product.

Corn has many benefits over traditional clay-based litters, the most obvious (and perhaps important) of which is that it’s a completely eco-friendly and renewable resource. It’s also biodegradable and compostable too.

Fun Fact: Clay litters are terribly bad for the environment, and huge mining operations are required to extract it from the ground.

However, in reality, most people who buy this litter are not composting it, they’re flushing it down the toilet instead. Because it’s not made from heavy clay and it’s free from nasty chemicals you can flush away your cat’s “business” instead of leaving it to fester in a bin. If you’ve never tried a litter that allows you to flush before – be warned. It’s a convenience you can’t live without once you’ve tried it.

It’s a clumping litter that has an exceptionally strong clumping action considering it’s made from a natural material. Clay litters do still clump a little bit better, but the difference is quite honestly negligible – natural and renewable litters don’t get much better than this in the clumping department.

The only issue you might have with this litter (or any corn-based litter) is that your cats may reject it. It’s not a common issue, and the vast majority of kitties love using it to spend a penny – but you’ve got more chance of rejection with a corn product than you have with something like clay.

It’s not a deal breaker, but it’s something to bear in mind.

This is an unscented litter that relies on locking away the smells of your cat’s pee and poop as opposed to covering them up. Much of this is done by the clumping we just mentioned, but there are some antimicrobial properties at play here too in the form of added plant extracts. These unscented extracts attack the bacteria that cause ammonia smells upon contact – which keeps things a little fresher for longer.

It’s a good product, that keeps your home smelling great without harming the environment.

If you can afford it, it’s worth every penny in our opinion.

World’s Best Cat Litter Clumping Formula

To be totally honest, this is a bit of a strange litter that we cannot really see the point in. We’ve looked at this product for quite some time, and can only see one difference between it and the product above.

It’s literally identical to the Multi-Cat formula, the only difference is that it doesn’t contain the antimicrobial plant extracts that help with killing the ammonia causing bacteria. Due to this, this litter is rated for use with a single cat only (whereas the Multi-Cat litter is obviously rated for use with Multiple cats).

If this litter was a little bit cheaper, we could potentially see the point in it – but it’s exactly the same price as the litter above.

We see no reason why you would choose this litter over the Multi-Cat product. Even if you’ve got a single cat, using a formula that is stronger and capable of handling the “business” of multiple cats is going to be more efficient and effective.

It’s a strange product that makes us feel like we’re missing something obvious…

But we’re not.

Get the Multi-Cat formula instead.

World’s Best Cat Litter Lavender Scented Multiple Cat Clumping Formula

This product is the first scented product from World’s Best we’ve mentioned today – and it’s pretty darn good in our opinion.

It’s a clumping litter made from corn kernels that again have the super absorption properties the material is famed for. It has got a similar kind of clumping action to the two products above, but it doesn’t contain the antimicrobial plant extracts of the Multi-Cat formula.

Instead of solely relying on odor neutralization, this litter has a delicate yet powerful scent to help mask the smell of your cat’s business.

Usually, we don’t recommend that many scented litters, we’re firm believers that unless scented litters are of a high quality that they can make the odors of the litter tray worse. Cat pee on its own smells pretty rough, but when you mix that with a cheap air freshener that doesn’t cover the smell properly – it’s worse.

However, as you may have guessed, with a name like World’s Best this isn’t a cheap low quality scented litter.

The combination of the strong clumping action and the natural antibacterial properties of the corn kernels reduces the amount of odor that needs to be covered up dramatically. This ensures that the light lavender scent (which is actually quite pleasant) doesn’t need to be strong to cover up the remaining odor.

It’s a swipe activated scent too, which further enhances the performance of the litter. The scent is more or less unnoticeable for most of the time (unless you’re standing next to the tray). But when your kitty has finished their toilet time, they swipe their paws which activates the scent. This ensures you’ve got cover for your nostrils when you need it, and an undetectable tray when you don’t.

Zero Mess by World’s Best Advanced Cat Litter

This is part of the “Advanced” range of World’s Best products, and according to the brand themselves – there’s not a whole lot of difference between this and their standard products (for the most part).

It has got the same clumping performance and antimicrobial plant extracts as the Multi-Cat formula which means it’s equally as good at trapping odors and neutralizing them before they become an issue. It’s still all natural, it’s still made from biodegradable materials, and it’s still flushable too.

The only difference is that this formula has been tweaked slightly to minimize the amount of mess that is created when your kitty uses the tray. This is achieved in two ways.

This product is noticeably lower in dust than the Multi-Cat formula, which means you’re going to get almost no dust cloud to inhale when you’re pouring litter and cleaning out the tray. It also keeps the area around your litter box cleaner for longer too.

The most important benefit, however, is that it’s a low tracking formula, and despite World’s Best making a big song and dance about this with the sleek black packaging – it’s almost certainly simply a larger granule size that provides this benefit. Larger granules are heavier, which means more friction is required for them to attach to your cat’s fur, and as such they trackless.

We’re unsure if we can completely recommend this product over the Multi-Cat formula. The slight reduction in tracking and dustiness is a tangible benefit, but the other products aren’t exactly dusty or bad for tracking in the first place.

As it costs a couple more dollars than the Multi-Cat formula, we’ll leave it up to you to decide if it’s worth it or not.

Note: This product also comes in a pine-scented version too. It’s identical to the scented litter we talked about above just with similar tracking and dust benefits. It’s not worth us writing a whole section on it, but we just wanted to point it out.

World’s Best Cat Litter Coupons

World’s Best provides printable coupons to their customers via their website and their newsletter. However, in all honesty, the discounts they provide are reasonably uninspiring and are barely worth the paper they are printed on in most cases.

The best way to save on World’s Best cat litter is to find a pet supply store that is currently running a promotion on multiple products. At the time of writing the best example of this, we could find was at Chewy.com who are providing 30% off a wide range of products, including World’s Best cat litter.

Chewy Online Pet Supplies

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World’s Best Cat Litter Reviews

So now we know a little bit about the kind of products World’s Best currently have on the market. In this section, we’re going to reveal the results of our analysis of literally hundreds of reviews from real customers.

We searched high and low to find common complaints and complements in the review sections, and this is what we found.

Flushing – Every time we talk about litters that are flushable we see countless comments in the review sections about how much more convenient it is. People love being able to instantly rid themselves of their cat’s waste without having it potentially fester in a bin and stink the whole thing out. If you’ve never tried it before, we’re certain you’re going to love the convenience of a flushing litter.

Clumping – The clumping action of all of World’s Best’s litters was very highly regarded in almost all of the reviews we read. The corn dries into super hard clumps don’t break down and contained the smells and odors of their cats “business” very well. Breakages when cleaning out the tray were uncommon, and many people commented on the scoopable nature of the litter.

Rejection – There were a higher than average number of people complaining about how their cat rejected corn-based litters, usually after transitioning from clay. This is not unusual when you’re weaning your cat off clay litter, and is certainly nothing that should be held against World’s Best or their litter. It’s a common issue, that was reasonably infrequently encountered in the review sections – but we wanted to make you aware of it.

Scent – The scented litters both got excellent reviews for the balance and power of the fragrance in the litter. The swipe activation feature of the scent was particularly enjoyed, with many people appreciating the ability to have a blast of scent when you need it – and having it be nearly undetectable when you don’t.

Pro’s And Con’s


  • A natural material that’s good for the environment
  • Flushable litters are highly convenient
  • Strong clumping action that dries hard
  • Great odor control
  • Scented litters are high quality


  • Could be a little cheaper

Is World’s Best Cat Litter Good For Multiple Cats?

Yes! Corn is super absorbent and the high quality of almost all of World’s Best products ensure that they are capable of handling the waste of multiple cats. Here are the ones we recommend:

  • World’s Best Cat Litter Scoopable Multiple Cat Clumping Formula
  • World’s Best Cat Litter Lavender Scented Multiple Cat Clumping Formula
  • Zero Mess by World’s Best Advanced Cat Litter
  • Zero Mess by World’s Best Advanced Pine Scented Cat Litter


So there you have it, that’s all there is to know about World’s Best and their amazing cat litters.

There’s no getting around the fact that these are premium products with premium price tags. But we think they’re still great value for money considering their eco-friendly nature and the strong fundamentals of clumping and odor control that they provide.

In our opinion, if you’ve got the budget for World’s Best’s products, they’re more than worthy of your consideration.

Chewy Online Pet Supplies

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  1. I just kind of browsed thru your advertisement and saw no mention of crystal litters. I love them. They have superior odor control verses clay. Its gotten so popular my local stores cant keep it on the shelves. Does your company make a crystal litter

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