It can be challenging to find the perfect setup and decoration for any bedroom, but the challenges take on a different form entirely when it comes to a basement turned bedroom. There might be plenty of room in a basement to create a fun bedroom setup, but without windows, the challenge is usually figuring out how to make that space inviting enough to live in. Whether you’re looking for basement bedroom inspiration because you want to create an awesome an awesome guest room or a living space of your own, the following examples have some solid ideas. In some cases, these basement bedrooms have tried to hide the fact that they’re missing windows, while in other cases they’ve just embraced having more wall space to decorate. Read on for some of our favorite ways to turn a basement into an inviting bedroom no matter what shape the space started out in.

 1. Working Around a Pole

Many basements have some challenging design elements to work around, such as the pole in this bedroom. The key is generally to embrace it rather than try to fight it. In this bedroom they placed the bed right behind the pole, which almost helps to create some privacy for the bed area. Bright lights on the wall keep this bed plenty lit and reading friendly.


2. Taking Advantage of the Door

Here is a basement bedroom that looks to be a cellar of some sort, due to the fact that it has a door that goes directly outside. Putting a door in that easily rests in an open position is going to be ideal for anyone who wants to let some light into this otherwise windowless room. There is lots of lighting otherwise, from the ceiling to right over the bed.

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3. A Barn Door in Lieu of Window

Sometimes the best way to work around the fact that a basement room is missing a window is to cover that space with something else. In this case, they did so with this cool sliding barn door, which was created in a light color wood. The light pop helps to spread the light throughout the room and bring some relief to the grey wall.


4. Get Creative With Wall Designs

In this basement bedroom they decided to get creative with their wall designs. Instead of having all of the walls straight white, they covered one wall with white and grey flowers, and added a white brick structure into a corner. The final effect will be a lot of texture without having to add in any dark colors.


5. Covering the Wall With a Curtain

Another way to handle a windowless wall in a basement bedroom is to put a curtain all the way across the wall. With lots of bright lights in the room you’d almost never know that this room is missing a window. It’s an illusory way to create the feeling of coziness in a smaller space.


5. Create a Cozy Den Corner

When you don’t have windows in a basement you have plenty of extra wall space. This is an example of how to use some of that wall space to your advantage. Adding in a small fireplace can create the feeling of a den area, which then makes the bedroom feel more like a living space overall.


6. Lots of Fun Decorations

Don’t be afraid to get a little silly with the decorations when you’re working within a basic basement space. Decorating a basement bedroom is thinking outside of the box as is, and sometimes that means having the chance to let loose a bit and making that the most fun room in the house.


7. Create a Closet

No closet? No problem. Not all basement bedrooms are going to have a closet built in but you shouldn’t let that stop you from turning it into a great living space. Building or brining in a closet can be the perfect answer. In this case a simply rack at the end of the bed stands in as a closet, making the space super welcome and homey.


8. Use a Mirror to Create Extra Space

At first glance, you might almost think that that there’s a window in this room, but really we’re just seeing the nice light being reflected in the mirror. Pulling some curtains up either side of the mirror helps add to the illusion and creates the feeling that we’re looking at some curtains.

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9. Embrace the Natural Textures

This basement bedroom didn’t try to be anything that it isn’t, instead they fully embraced the natural textures in the room. The exposed brick and cement could create a cold feeling in the room, but with the cozy bed and lots of art on the walls it looks pretty lived in.


10. Matching Bedside Lamps

In a window-free basement bedroom, it’s all about the lights. In this room they put matching bedside tables on either side of the bed. This creates a harmony flow to the room as well as provides a ton of light to make the bed feel like it could be in any bedroom on any floor of the home.


11. Use a Good Rug

A lot of basement rooms are going to have tile or some other colder surface on the floor. This is easy to clean and sometimes even looks chic, but it can also be a little uncomfortable at times. Adding in a soft rug is going to make the room feel instantly more comfortable.


12. Create a Minimalist Getaway

The design of this basement bedroom is a bit more advanced than some of the others on the list. In this case it’s clear that they really wanted to go all out and make this the basement bedroom of their dreams. One thing to note is the illumination coming out from under the stairs. It almost feels like an art gallery.


13. Overhead Lighting All Over the Room

Sometimes it takes quite a few lights to get a basement bedroom bright enough to be liveable. In this example, you can see how lights have been placed all over the room to even shine down the walls. We might even add some lamps or bedside lights to soften the overhead glow.


14. Choose a Fun Color

It’s usually a good idea to keep things lighter in a basement bedroom, but sometimes you want to add in a bit of color. This can be a great way to make the space feel more like a comfortable bedroom rather than a converted room. This soft greenish grey color works well alongside the colors chosen to dress the bed.

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15. Go Bold

It might not be your first instinct to create a really bold wall in a very small bedroom, but this is a great example of how it can work. This bright and fun wall becomes the focal point of the room, and as your eyes are led there they spend less time focusing on the lack of space or window in the rest of the room.


16. Embrace the Nook

If there is a nook of some sort already built into a basement bedroom, it’s a good idea to simply embrace it to the best of your ability. In this case, a bed was placed right into a nook, and it makes for a very cozy reading or sleeping area. It makes an otherwise basic space feel a little stylized and intimate.


17. Create a Reading Corner

When there are no windows in a room there can be more wall space to play with. In this example, they added a barn door in to help create a cute reading corner. We love the concept of making a few different areas within a single space so that a bedroom feels like somewhere you can hang out for a while.


18. Use Lots of Wall Decorations

There’s plenty of wall area to hang up cool art when there aren’t any windows in a basement bedroom. This room is a good example of how a few pieced were placed around the bed area for subtle yet effective use of the wall.


19. Make Good Use of the Space

This bedroom has a unique curving shape to it which looks cool, but there isn’t a whole lot of standing space in the room. Instead of fighting that, they chose to put two beds in the room, which don’t need as much head room. This is a great option when you want to create a highly usable guest bedroom in a basement.


20. Bright White Walls

One of the best ways to encourage a lot of brightness in a basement bedroom without windows is to make the walls a super bright white. It this example the lighting is almost blinding bouncing off all that white! Light stones along with the plain white wall created plenty of texture for interest in the small space.

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