The popularity of the bohemian bedroom just seems to be growing. It tends to be super natural and cozy at the same time, both of which can make a boho bedroom feel like a getaway. For a lot of us, turning a bedroom into an inspired getaway is exactly the end goal for what a bedroom should be. The following examples showcase some great boho bedroom ideas and show that anyone can create a bohemian inspired sleep space. In some cases, the entire room is decked out in boho decor, while in other rooms there are just a few elements added into an otherwise already designed bedroom. It just goes to show that whether you’re putting a huge budget into decorating or if you’d prefer to bring in a couple new items, it’s totally possible to create this look in any bedroom. It’s also great to see that boho bedroom designs work really nicely in smaller bedrooms since it supports that cozy feeling. Read on to see some very inspiring boho bedroom ideas.

1. Adding Plants into a Boho Bedroom

Adding plants into a bedroom is a great way to increase the bohemian vibe quickly. It’s that recognition of living amongst nature that can an otherwise normal bedroom into boho territory pretty quickly.


2. The Gorgeous Bed Drapes

Hanging white gauzy drapes from the ceiling can be an incredible way to create a boho vibe in any bedroom. It acts sort of like a canopy for a bed except that it extends from the ceiling making an even more dramatic feeling. These drapes mimic the netting that one often finds in the bedroom of a jungle getaway, making the bedroom feel like a boho getaway everyday.

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3. A Simple Canopy

Similar to the bed drapes is the idea of having a simple canopy over the bed. Here a bamboo bed frame is what is holding up the canopy, which is then just tied onto the frame. It’s an easy change to make in a bedroom but super transformative at the same time.


4. Lots of Boho Inspired Texture

All the texture in this bedroom is boho-inspired dreams. There’s a lot going on, but given the fact that it’s all within the same color scheme it never gets overwhelming at all. The pillows have all different patterns and the carved work behind the bed is another pattern all over again. Together it creates a perfect boho feeling.


5. The Cozy Boho Bed

In this room it’s the bed that creates such a great boho feeling. Again we see a lot of different textures and patterns within the same color scheme, and then have some a whole bunch of comfortable looking bedding items as well. Adding a rug into the mix only extends that cozy feeling further.


6. The Blue Boho Bedroom

Boho bedrooms are usually decorated with whites, beiges, and other light colors, but we love this example of how blue can be brought into a boho bedroom as well. The gorgeous dark brown wood of the bed frame and the side table balance perfectly with the blue, and the design carved into the wood sets the boho tone for the rest of the room.


7. A Boho Bedroom Swing

It’s so inspirational to see how well people use their space in bedrooms. This is a relatively small bedroom and yet they managed to turn a corner into a super cute boho swing area. It’s functional and also an important design element in the space.


8. A Minimal Boho Bedroom

Not every boho bedroom has to be busy with patterns and layers! This bedroom is an example of being boho while still being universally appealing. The natural wood tone elements bring in that boho feeling and are nicely balanced with the crisp white bedding.

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9. A Wrought Iron Bedframe in a Boho Room

Creating a boho bedroom does not necessarily require starting from scratch. This bedroom is an example of how you can use a wrought iron bed frame in a boho bedroom. Draping those gauzy white curtains helps a lot, as does adding the boho inspired textures and patterns onto the bedspread.


10. Giant Candles in a Boho Bedroom

Adding giant candle holders (or giant candles) into a bedroom is a great decorating choice to increase that cool boho vibe. We love the giant pillars used in this example and how much personality the candle holders bring into this boho inspired bedroom.


11. Hanging Baskets in a Boho Bedroom

Functional items can be used as decoration too! We love how this boho bedroom has done some of its decorating by using linens and baskets. They’re basically just hanging on hooks on the wall, but they add a ton of interest and depth to the walls in this beautiful bedroom.


12. Twinkle Lights in a Boho Bedroom

Great lights definitely have a place in a boho bedroom. In this example, we can see how twinkle lights really serve to change up the space. There’s something about twinkle lights that are super dreamy, and the boho bedroom tends to be really dreamy as well. Together it’s an ideal match.


13. A Hanging Macrame Plant Holder

We’re getting some serious vintage boho vibes with this macrame hanging plant holder. It’s an interesting way to extend the design from the ceiling to the floor, and it also happens to be functional as well as really cool looking. It balances nicely with the rug and the other yarn details in the room.


14. A Stunning Boho Bed Frame

This boho bed frame looks absolutely stunning in this bedroom. Paired with this gorgeous gold chandelier it really makes the bedroom. A comfortable rug plus those great green plants really rounds of the boho feeling. We feel inspired just looking at it.

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15. The Giant Knit Blanket

The giant knit blanket is one of the coziest looking blankets around and it also happens to fit really nicely into the boho themed bedroom. This bedroom has a pretty cozy design, so making the decor of the room super cozy as well is a good example of working with the space instead of trying to fight it.


16. Making Great Use of Space

This boho bedroom makes great use of space. They didn’t shy away from fitting a variety of boho elements into the bedroom. Many people wouldn’t think to put that swing in front of the door or that side table at the end of the bed, but in this space it ends up working really nicely without feeling overly crowded.


17. Large White Walls

In this bedroom most of the boho decor elements are super close to the ground and then offset with these gorgeous and tall large white walls. Those walls really create an open, clean, and refreshing feeling which goes well with the earthiness of the boho decor.


18. The Cozy Boho Look

A cozy boho vibe was accomplished with the decor in this bedroom thanks to items like that super cozy blanket. The rug and the baskets in the room also help create a really nice boho feeling. We love the gauzy curtains around the room, which help to create that really dreamy vibe.


19. Layering Rugs in a Boho Bedroom

This bedroom has boho vibes while still being liveable and homey. One way that this was accomplished was by how they layered to different floor rugs underneath the bed. It creates visual interest and also somehow makes the bed feel cozier as well.


20. A Boho Workspace

Here is an example of a gorgeous boho workspace in a boho bedroom. To accomplish this feeling they paired softwood shelves with lots of gorgeous green plants, which really pop against the white wall. This natural and warm feeling that boho exudes is pretty easy to accomplish when you mix together the right elements.

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