The country look is a popular one for bedrooms because it looks lived in and rustic but can be so chic at the same time. There’s something really bright and homey about a country bedroom, which is often accomplished with a mixture of new and classic items. Some of the bedrooms in these examples below veer more in one direction than the other. Some of these examples are of bedrooms that came equipped with natural structural elements showing, while others brought them in to create the country vibe. All of them made very distinct decorating decisions to help sustain that country feel or simply create it in entirety depending on the environment. We love all of these cute country bedrooms for different reasons!

1. Chunky Knit Bedding

Nothing says country bedroom like a chunky knit blanket on the bed, whether the bedroom is actually in the country or not. This cozy throw and a few shaggy white pillows makes for a super welcoming looking bed with that shabby chic feeling. The wooden bench at the foot of the bed with a candle further adds to the feeling.


2. Classic Country Gingham

This gingham checked bed skirt is a fun way to add some playful country charm into a bedroom without doing too much. The rest of the room is somewhat understated and chic, so the bed skirt just adds that pop of flair to keep the space interesting and obviously country inspired.


3. Wrought Iron Bedframe

Wrought iron bed frames are a classic choice from the country inspired pieces. They offer that feeling of sturdinedd functionality that farmhouses are known for, while still being cute and easy to dress up with some soft and comfortable bedding.

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4. Traditional Cow Throw Rug

This country inspired bedroom gets some of its flair from a traditional cow print throw rug on the floor. It’s a statement decorating piece that nicely blends together the flow of the room and allows for the basic bedding and just a few other pops of pattern.


5. Classic Country Wallpaper

Wallpaper has been such a popular choice at certain points in time, and when it’s a small floral print it still brings in those country vibes pretty much immediately. There’s definitely a feminine touch to the floral wallpaper design, but it can be balanced out with the more masculine items like this darker wood bed frame.


6. Exposed Wood Ceiling

The exposed wood of this ceiling (and the matching wood of the closet) really create a strong country bedroom vibe. It’s common in a country home for the beams to be exposed as they are here, so it instantly provides that feeling. It’s further supported with vintage looking lights, a wrought iron bed frame, and a soft colored floral bedspread.


7. Exposed Brick

In addition to exposed beams, sometimes exposed brick can offer that gorgeous country vibe as well. This bedroom has both, and they’re accented by placing some decorations up against them, and even adding on some gorgeous twinkle lights. This is a good example of how the country look can be made to be playful and chic at the same time.


8. Country Pinks

Pink is a great color to add into a bedroom when the country look is on the table. It’s such a soft natural color which can be the perfect balance for bedrooms that have darker wood in them. It’s raw yet pretty at the same time, and there’s nothing more country looking than that.


9. An Unfinished Ceiling

This bedroom is a clean and classic version of a county bedroom. It gets a lot of its country feeling from that unfinished ceiling. It has a rustic yet cozy and refined feeling to it that is very enticing. The knitted throw blankets and giant rustic clock on the wall really bring it all together.

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10. Bedroom Barn Doors

Barndoors scream country in the most obvious yet useful way. Doors are necessary in a bedroom anyway, so swapping them out for some barn doors is an easy fix for bringing in that country feeling. This room takes the country style a step further with a jug that could have actually come straight from the farm.


11. Vintage Accessories

Vintage accessories can be a great way to bring a country feel into a bedroom, even if they’re as simple as these old books. The gently used hardback books speak to a different time and make the whole space feel like its been loved and lived in for a long time. That feeling is part of what we love about the country inspired bedroom.


12. Vintage Mirrors

Vintage mirrors are one easy way to bring some of that country feeling into the home without having to redecorate the rest of the space. In addition to adding in a country vibe with those gold edges, a mirror can also go a long way towards opening up the space thanks to that giant reflection it offers.


13. A Rustic Chandelier

This chandelier is really a standout in this country bedroom, even with so much other stuff going on. The antlers are a classic element in the country home, and in this case they’ve been used to create a light fixture that really sets the tone. The visible logs also add to that country feel of course.


14. Country Plaids

The red plaid used on this bed is such a fun country feel. It perfectly goes with the rest of the decor and it also brings in an element that feels fun and youthful. It’s a nice balance for the antlers on the wall and the dark wood that fills the majority of this country inspired bedroom.


15. Keep Flowers in the Room

One easy and fast way to bring a little country vibe into a bedroom is to place fresh flowers next to the bed. Especially if they’re a type of flower that might naturally grow in a country setting! This can go a long way toward changing the feeling in a bedroom and it’s nice that it can be done instantly and on a budget.

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16. Luggage as Bedside Table

These vintage suitcases look country chic when they are turned into a bedside table. The side of the suitcase is about the perfect size to hold the bedside necessities. If you try this home, you might want to consider making sure that the stacked luggage stays together so there’s no chance of it tipping over!


17. A Rustic Rug

This bedroom definitely has some modern elements to it, but it manages to bring in a country feeling by going with a rustic looking rug. The rug is also the most colorful item in this room, so it matches the bed and the furniture while also adding a little something more to it.


18. Repeating Floral Patterns

Florals can offer a major country vibe, and in this room they took full advantage of that by having the elements repeated throughout the room. The curtains and the bed have a similar floral pattern, and then having some flowers next to the bed really pulls it all together. Even the wallpaper gives a very country feel.


19. Keeping Books in Baskets

There’s some very country about a wire basket, in fact, they’re often used on actual farms to get the eggs and carry the milk. Adding one or a few into a bedroom as a way to store books looks adorable and helps to inspire that country mood. Paired with the other country elements in this bedroom there’s no mistaking the look that they’re going for.


20. Lacy Curtains Over the Bed

Lace offers a very traditional feeling in a home and some versions of it are very country inspired. In this example, the soft lace is covered in flowers and has some beautiful scalloped edges that really bring in the country feeling. Paired with the wood planks of the ceiling and the exposed wood across the top, it’s a comfortable country feeling all around.

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