For many people having a minimal bedroom is ideal, since the paired down style makes things feel clean, organized, and zen. In most cases a minimal design uses few colors to decorate the space. Sometimes that might mean going with all white in a bedroom, while other times it might mean going with a natural decoration style where wood and plants are used to fill the space. All of the examples below demonstrate different versions of the minimal bedroom. Most of them stay very far away from clutter of any kind and focus on ways to make the space feel clean and calm. There is something for everyone here, whether you’re working with a simple mattress as the focal point in a room, or if the ideal situation is bringing in some designs that looks fun but still minimal and paired down.

1. A Multi-Layered Minimal Design

This bedroom is a great example of how a room can be multi-layered and full but still have a minimal feel. There are only three different colors represented here with the wood, grey, and white. The structural square lines are repeated throughout the space in each different items, creating an organized feel.


2. The Earth Tones Minimal Bedroom

This minimal bedroom chose to go minimal with whites and light browns. Even the plants that were brought into the space are brown to stay in the theme. It’s about as natural as a bedroom can look without actually being outside, which feels soft and minimal at the same time.

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3. A Tree in a Minimal Bedroom

This bedroom is quite minimal and basic. With the bed on the floor and few design elements, adding in a gorgeous tree is a great way tto bring in some visual interest. Natural greenery is always a good option in a minimal space since it is so natural and gives off that healthy feeling.


4. All Details Low to the Floor

This minimal bedroom is clearly lived in, but all of the design details are kept low to the floor. The bed itself is quite low to the ground, but so is the light, the stacks of books, and even the framed image. Keeping everything at one level makes it feel more cohesive and in the flow.


5. The Grey and White Minimal Bedroom

This room is a good example of how grey can be used for a minimal feel in a bedroom. There are a variety of shades from bright white to very dark grey and everything in between, but nothing outside of that spectrum. They chose to stop at grey rather than go all the way black, allowing the space to still feel light.


6. The All-Wood Minimal Bedroom

This bedroom is situated in a space that’s already quite bold with the top to bottom small wood panels. Adding too much stuff in here with the shape and pattern would simply feel too busy, so a minimal approach was taken instead. The grey mattress adds in a purposeful look and plenty of lighting keeps the room lit and user friendly.


7. The Cozy White Minimal Bedroom

This bedroom has crisp white minimal paint on the walls and the door, making things look clean and simple. From there a super comfortable looking bed is mostly outfitted in white as well. Soft pops of color are brought in with the brown pillow and the soft grey blanket.


8. A Lush Green Wall

This bedroom is all things minimal save for a lush green living wall. At first glance it’s hard to tell if this scene is indoors or outdoors, it could really be either. The mattress low on the floor adds to the minimal feeling since it’s well out the way and unobtrusive to the space.

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9. All White Bedding

The bed in this very minimal bedroom was created to be a super inviting spot. There are layers of fluffy pillows mixed with a super comfortable looking bedspread. Keeping all parts of it all white makes the room feel clean and welcoming while it remains minimal.


10. White on White

This bedroom is mostly white and chose to use white artwork as well. It adds some texture to the wall without being distracting above the bed. The dark metal shade chosen for the lamp is the same as the color on the mirror frame, creating the focal point of the room in that particular corner.


11. The Black and White Minimal Bedroom

This bedroom is quite minimal with a black and white theme. The bed is on the floor for few distractions, with side tables that seem to extend right out of it. The chosen piece of art had both the black and the white color, pulling it all together in the center of the room.


12. A Minimal Bedroom With a Huge Mirror

In this minimal bedroom one of the more obvious items in it is this huge mirror. A tall mirror can help make any room feel bigger, since it instantly reflects back the size of the space and opens it up. It’s also a good way to break up an otherwise basic wall so that it doesn’t feel too flat.


13. Minimal With a Pop of Art

This bedroom is quite minimal overall but with some art thrown in for design detail and fun color. The cactus image is a fun choice since the plant is quite minimal itself. Only the pillows have any true color, and those stripes effectively add some fun to a minimal space without being too much,


14. Soft Greens for a Minimal Feel

This minimal bedroom is a good example of how a very soft green color can be used in a minimal space. There isn’t much in this room, but the design of the headboard and the texture on the rug make things feel comfortable and welcoming. The pop of true green in the potted plant perfectly echoes the soft shade through the rest of the room.

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15. The Minimal Blue Bedroom

This bedroom is plenty minimal but with some blue brought in for color detail. Blue is a great calming color for a bedroom when the right hues are used. Mixing and matching the blue with other neutral tones and using abstract art keeps things well within the minimal realm.


16. Placing the Mattress on the Floor

In this minimal bedroom, keeping the mattress on the floor was a choice that avoids any distracting details around the bed. The mattress is simply covered with a comforter and pillows that match the wall, making it all blend together. The side table with a potted plant just brings in the right element of simple detail.


17. Going With the Flow

This beautiful minimal bedroom was designed with a lot of flow in mind. There’s the curved archway of the entry to the bedroom as well as some wooden beams to work around. They chose to tie all of this together in a flowing manner by adding the curtain behind the back of the bed. It makes it feel as if it’s all connected.


18. A Minimal Bedroom With Black Textural Details

This minimal bedroom is mostly white but with some interesting black textural details brought in for some interest. On its own the light fixture might too intense in an all white room, but it’s tied together with the pillow on the bed and the picture frames, all of which use black line details as well.


19. White Plus Wood

This bedroom is minimal yet interesting thanks to the fact that it has a mixture of white and wood elements in it. There is enough color in here to be dynamic but in all very natural cohesive shades, it has a very comforting and minimal feel to it overall.


20. All White Plus Texture

In this bedroom an all-white theme was chosen, but to keep it interesting, a textured bedspread was adding into the mix. It’s a good example of how to give the room a bit of depth and interest to that it doesn’t end up looking too sterile when it’s all such a true white color.

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