Red is a bold choice for any interior decor, especially when it comes to the bedroom. But sometimes making a bolder choice pays off more than playing it safe. The following red bedrooms that we’ve featured here are examples of how well red can work in the sleeping area. Some of these rooms went after a more is better philosophy, while others just focused in on certain items to really amp up that red feeling. The shades of red vary as well, with some intentionally bright and others a bit darker for a more muted or calm feeling. The overall strength of the color, as well as the feeling it can evoke, is evident in all of them. Read on for some red bedroom ideas when you need a bit of inspiration. Whether you’re looking to decorate a bedroom from scratch or you just want to bring in some updates, you’re sure to find some red bedroom inspiration on this list.

1. A Deep Ruby Red Wall

This bedroom brought in a lot of red in a variety of ways. The deep ruby red wall is a stunning addition and the first place in the bedroom that really draws in the eyes. They used a textured technique to make the wall feel more raw, which provides a lot of movement and really gorgeous texture.


2. A Half-Red Wall

In this bedroom they perhaps didn’t want to commit to a full red wall, so instead, they just painted a portion of the wall red and left the rest a bright white. To make sure that the wall contrast blended comfortably in the rest of the room, they went with a red bedspread. With the red bedspread, it sort of makes the red wall feel like a headboard.


3. A Beautiful Red Headboard

This bedroom went with some red items rather than painting any of the walls red. The wall behind the bed is a deep grey which does well with a bit of brightness injected into it. The red decor and the bright light from the side window provide just that perfect pop to balance out the colors of the space.

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4. The All Red Bed

This bedroom went with on all red bed, from the frame to the blanket on it. This choice looks even bolder thanks to the fact that the rest of the room is a very bright white. It’s most certainly a bold choice in this sort of a bedroom. To ease in that boldness they also chose to bring in a chandelier and some silver pieces for that glam vibe.


5. The Magenta Bed

This bedroom is also a white bedroom with a red bed, but they went with a deeper dark magenta shade of red for a totally different feeling than a bright red room. There’s still an obvious red thing going on, but with a much calmer feeling to it. For some people that’s going to be an ideal element in the bedroom since for many it’s a sanctuary.


6. Just a Pop of Red

This bedroom is simple and elegant but includes a bit of fun at the same time. A simple black, white, and gold background is brightened up by adding in the floral pillows and that gorgeous, deep red blanket. It’s a simple way to quickly change up the aesthetic in any bedroom.


7. The Red-Orange Bedroom Nook

This bedroom used a red shade to create a cozy bedroom nook, which looks super inviting for some reading and a nap! With the orange tones in this red color it helps to create a very warm feeling to the space. Some reds have more of a blueish tone to them, which of course can create the opposite feel.


8. Incorporating Red Through the Use of Pattern

This bedroom brings in some red pops through the use of pattern only. You can see in the mirror reflection that there is a wall hanging with some red in it, as well as a beautiful headboard and pillow. They both look like they could be embroidered or at least give off that very authentic feeling. It creates a feeling of comfort in the space.


9. A Red and Black Bedroom Wall

This bedroom is quite bold and really makes an impact with all that red. Keeping the bed black and white is probably a necessary choice if you’re going to go black and red for the wall. But as we can see in this example it all comes together quite nicely when the right amount of each.

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10. Red Texture Fills this Bedroom

This red bedroom is clearly the work of a pro. The red has been brought in through a variety of different means and textures and yet it doesn’t feel overdone in any sense. The deeper red works well with the dark wood in the room, and the natural patterns on the wallpaper and curtains work well with the natural feel of the wood as well.


11. The Minimal Red Bedroom

When we think of minimal design we generally think of white, grey, or some other more muted color, but in this bedroom, you can see how red can work as well. The red paint seems to have a matte finish to it, and it very closely matches the color of the bedspread as well. With little else in the room, it’s a bold choice but it works.


12. A Geometric Red Bedroom

This bedroom used red in a fun way. There’s clearly an ocean nearby, which makes this home feel like a vacation home even if it’s a permanent residence. When that’s the case it can easy to embrace the decorating with fun decor, it almost offers up the encouragement to play around a bit with the decor. In this case there’s a lot of play with line and geometric patterns, offering up a playful and confident feeling in the room.


13. The Romantic Red Bedroom

There’s just something about the red bedroom that feels romantic. Perhaps it’s the shade of the red, or maybe it’s the way that it’s paired with an all-white bed. It almost looks like it could be a Valentine’s Day suite! We love the idea of bringing some of that romance into the home on a permanent basis. Because, why not?


14. The Luxurious Red Bedroom

This red bedroom feels extremely luxurious and almost gives off a gilded feeling. The wallpaper is a gorgeous print and nicely balanced with the red pillows and bench at the end of the bed. The fabric on both looks sort of like a velvet which helps to create that luxury feeling. Keeping the bed and the ceiling white feels right with that bright light streaming in through the side window.


15. The Nautical Red Bedroom

This bedroom has a very nautical feel to it but managed to use red to accomplish that feeling. There’s definitely a blue and neutral thing going on, but the striped red fits in perfectly. The bedroom is at both once totally themed and also feels like a very liveable space.

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16. The Red Closet Accent

This white bedroom incorporates red with the use of a gorgeous shiny red closet, a floral rug, and a striped blanket. It all go nicely with the white walls. There seems to be little natural light in this bedroom which is probably why the brick was painted over to be white. (White reflects light and brightens a space up.) But using other colors alongside the white helps to break it up and make it feel more dynamic and styled.


17. Pairing Red With Brick

In this bedroom, there is an exposed brick wall, which of course has some reddish tones to it. Pairing that with a beautiful red bed really amplifies that wall and makes it pop. Using a white bedspread and having those gorgeous windows uncovered creates a cozy feeling to this beautiful bedroom.


18. Adding in a Red Panel

In this bedroom, there’s a red bedspread but also a red panel along the wall. This is less of a commitment than making the entire wall red, but still enough to make a serious impact and make you look twice. The rest of this room is quite minimal, and given that it’s a very small room, this makes sense to avoid the feeling of being overcrowded.


19. Using a Red Floor

A red floor is one of the bolder choices we’ve seen. The white walls appear to be pink thanks to the light reflecting off the floor. There are essentially three colors being repeated here, which is reflected in the three pieces of identical art hanging above the bed. That rectangle shape is also repeated throughout the room, even in the lampshade. It’s a structured and intentional look.


20. Red in a Boho Bedroom

This bedroom is a beautiful boho room with a cozy red bed in its corner. It works well in this space which is mostly natural colors everywhere else. White walls, wood floors, and lots of plants make up most of the color in the rest of the room. The red of the bed feels inviting, and the type of comforter that it is makes sure that it feels cozy even though it’s in the middle of this large space.

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