The shabby chic design style blends the best of antique or slightly worn furniture with comfortable style, whether that older element is real or faux. It’s a popular style for designing a bedroom since it has a classic, familiar feel that can make a room with homey and cozy. (And don’t we all want a cozy bedroom!) It’s also a particularly fund style to shop for, since it’s easy to blend together mismatched items if they’re matched on their era or shabby style. You could even use all different chairs around a table if they’re all similarly worn in appearance. In a shabby chic bedroom we see a lot of cool older looking bed frames, light fixtures, and dressers. There are a few common repeating elements (like florals) but really almost anything can be made to look shabby chic. The following examples provide some awesome inspiration for cute shabby chic bedroom ideas.

1. A Vintage Inspired Bed Frame

An impactful way to make a bedroom look shabby chic is to add in a vintage (or vintage inspired) bed frame. This one, in particular, looks vintage thanks to its shape, color, and the way that it’s been carved. That soft peach color is a very vintage shade and almost looks like it could have been faded over the years with love and use.


2. Stacked Luggage for that Shabby Chic Feel

Vintage luggage is one great accessory for a shabby chic bedroom design. It’s pretty easy to come by when you’re doing some vintage shopping, and it’s easily painted if you’d prefer to change the color. When it’s stacked in a bedroom it can become a side table or extend the height of any table that you might already have.

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3. Shabby Chic Pillow Details

The pillows on this bed are a great example of embracing the shabby chic look on the bed. Generally pillows and bedding aren’t actually vintage but are just vintage inspired. These are a mixture of vintage-inspired and modern, with the floral layered pillows alongside the faux fur and leopard print pillows as well.


4. Shabby Chic Lighting

This light fixture is a fun example of how you can dress up a bedroom with shabby chic details. This gorgeous leaf print design looks like it could actually be vintage. We like the placement of this for an overhead light, just over the center of the bed where anyone in it could catch some of the light.


5. Bringing in a Chic Electric Candle Holder

This electric candle holder is a bold design element for a shabby chic bedroom. It’s pretty decorative with that definitive vintage feel. This type of electric candle holder actually functions as a bedside lamp, making something ordinary and functional into a gorgeous piece in the room.


6. Bringing in Lots of Real Candles

In addition the having an ornate electric candle holder in the room, bringing in lots of real candles is also a good look for a shabby chic bedroom. You can tell that these candle holders are from different sets originally, but painted the same way and then grouped together ends up being a gorgeous look.


7. Draping a Garland Over the Bed Frame

Draping a garland over a wooden bed frame is such a cute idea for a shabby chic bedroom. It looks vintage and slightly country inspired, making this feel like a welcoming and comfortable bedroom space. The ruffled bedskirt adds to this feeling and is a nice contrast to the wood headboard.


8. Lots of Natural Toned Pillows

We love a bed with lots of pillows on it, it’s the perfect way to decorate a mattress. Here we have an example of how to mix different colored pillows on a bed for a shabby chic look. Keeping all of the pillows in a natural tone makes them look homey and fitting in the room that uses a lot of natural wood color elsewhere.

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9. Bring in a Vintage Vanity

Vanities are vintage in nature, so whether you get one that’s actually vintage or just looks the part, it can create a gorgeous shabby chic feeling. In addition to just instantly looking vintage, vanities are also pretty darn convenient to have in a bedroom! They’re a great spot to store some beauty stuff as well as a functional place to get ready.


10. A Soft and Cozy Bedroom

This soft and cozy bedroom is like a more modern version of shabby chic. The dressers and the bench at the end of the bed feel slightly worn, but the bedding all looks fluffy and brand new. Bringing in a tea set on a bed tray never fails to add to that shabby chic as well!


11. A Shabby Chic Window Seat

When space allows in a bedroom, bringing in a chic window seat can be a really fun way to create that shabby chic look. It almost looks like it could have been a child’s day bed at one point or another, and now it’s been turned into an adorable reading noook.


12. Natural Linen Bedding

Extending the shabby chic look across a whole bedroom can be accomplished by using linen bedding. Linen offers that wholesome, freshly washed country vibe which has a throwback element to it as well. This bed is cohesive and gorgeous when it’s made.


13. Adding a Silver Finish to the Furniture

Sometimes you might find the perfect piece of shabby chic furniture but not like the color that it happens to be. In that case, painting it is always an option. Here’s an example of how going with a silver paint can create an opulent vintage vibe throughout an entire bedroom.


14. Adding a Black Finish

Adding a black paint finish to a piece of shabby chic furniture is another great option. It’s a very different look than the silver version, or even a white or wood one. The black is a great way to modernize a vintage looking item if you like to blend styles or if there’s some compromising to be made.

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15. Mixing the Old and New

We like the concept of mixing in true vintage items with newer items as well. This wall decoration seems to be a good example of that. There are a variety of picture frames all settled within a single frame, and it seems that some are new while some are older. It’s easy to see how painting them the same colors can make them go together.


16. The Perfect Shabby Chic Mirror

A shabby chic bedroom isn’t complete without a great shabby chic mirror. The design of this one looks vintage but it’s in perfect quality, which most people want in a mirror! This is also functional and can help to make a room look bigger when it’s free standing and a good size like this one happens to be.


17. A Shabby Chic Chaise

This lounge is a great item to bring into a shabby chic bedroom. It has a vintage design to it but has gorgeous upholstery, both things that you want in a great shabby chic item. We like putting this in the corner of a bedroom as an inviting place to sit down and read.


18. The Dreamiest of Shabby Chic Bedrooms

This bedroom is what shabby chic bedroom dreams are made of. The exposed wood ceiling is softened with the chandelier and those draping white curtains. An all white bed looks great in this industrial looking space, bringing in a softness to the harsher material elements.


19. Shabby Chic Chest of Drawers

Sometimes all you need to create a great shabby chic bedroom is to bring in a great set of drawers. (Plus we can usually use the extra storage space.) This tall and narrow is set is awesome for fitting in between some windows in a bedroom, and that design on the bottom creates the perfect shabby chic look.


20. Country Inspired Shabby Chic

This room is very shabby chic thanks to its country inspired vintage feel. Pretty much everything in this room has a shabby chic look, from the wall to the mirror and the wreath that’s draped over the bed frame. They’ve even draped some pearls onto the side table for an extra bit of shabby chic flare.

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