The modern look can be a very desirable design choice for a bedroom. When done right it ends up looking super chic and refined. The minimal element of the modern bedroom design can help to promote serenity and it can also encourage keeping the bedroom clean. In a minimal bedroom, it’s easier to see clutter so it can be a good way to remind oneself that putting items out of sight can help retain that peaceful vibe. Minimal designs tend to have a few regularly repeating elements, such as strong angles, neutral or natural colors, and making great use of space. Often this means lowering the bed closer to the floor to add to that zen feeling, and turning furniture and the wall designs into things that look like works of art. The following example of modern bedroom ideas are all super inspiring within this theme. They each have different ideas that we’ve found inspiration from, and they’re all uniquely beautiful bedrooms.

1. The Wall as a Statement Piece

The wall in this modern bedroom was designed to be a statement piece, and it works as both an artistic design and also looks the headboard behind the bed. Looking closely you can see that there are actually lights placed into the wall to highlight that, just like how art is lit in a museum.


2. A Modern Wall Clock

One might not even notice that that clock is a clock when it’s first glanced at since it looks so much like an intentional part of the wall. Again here is another example of how light is used to highlight the piece without shining the light directly on it. The wall and the clock are the same color, providing a totally seamless experience.

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3. Matching the Art to the Bedspread

In this modern bedroom, we see matching woods throughout the room, as well as repeating elements in the bedspread and the art on the wall. Choosing just a few elements to repeat create a very calming feeling since there isn’t too much going on. The natural browns and blues are a perfect pairing.


4. Modern Light Fixtures

The light fixtures on the ceiling of this modern bedroom are stunning while still keeping a minimal design. Rather than hanging down like how a chandelier might, these lights lay at one single level and project their light downward. The hanging ball lights on either side of the bed reflect that pattern as well.


5. Mostly White With a Touch of Black

To make this white bedroom modern, some touches of black were added into the design. The black of the bed frame and the frames on the wall looks exactly the same as if it were a matching set. This is important when those frames are being mixed in with already bold designs elements on the ceiling of the room.


6. Using Color in a Modern Space

A lot of modern bedrooms are sparse in their usage of color, but this bedroom is an example of how to make it work. This mauve-pink color quite stunning and bright, but it still looks modern thanks to the low laying bed and that cubed type of bookshelf.


7. A Modern Bed Letting the Gorgeous Greenary Shine

Outside the window of this bedroom is a beautiful natural green scene, and one wouldn’t want to compete with that. This is a great example of how choosing a modern bedroom decorating scheme can allow that window to appear as art. The neutral tones inside look complementary to the colors outside.


8. A Bold Textural Wall

This bold textural wall is clearly a focal point in this modern bedroom. It’s fun while still looking modern thanks to the geometric shapes and lines being utilized. The bright white bed looks cozy next to the grey of the wall and the grey curtain.

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9. Making Wood Look Modern

This bedroom is mostly made of wood which can take on a variety of different styles, but in this case it successfully looks quite modern and refined. The darker shade of the wood helps to accomplish that, as does the distinct shapes and lines that have been created with it. It acts to frame the bed from above and behind.


10. A Very Modern Closet Space

For some people, the design choices of the bedroom can extend into the closet area as well. This is an example of a very modern and sleek closet area. The wood panels on the floor look modern and warm next to the bold black and glass closet doors.


11. A Modern Desk Area

This desk (or vanity) is set into the wall area and ends up looking very modern in the space. The drawers appear to have that geometric modern look by the way that the handles are built into the drawer rather than affixing pulll handles. It keeps things looking clean and tidy.


12. A Large Pop of Art

This very modern bedroom gets its art in the form of a very large image placed onto the wall. The fact that the image is black and white and features some modern looking clothing design further drives the point home that this bedroom is intended to look modern.


13. Using Blue in a Modern Bedroom

Blue is not as commonly used in a modern bedroom as black, white, and grey, but this is an example of how to make it work. Here it’s used a headboard type design and on the bed only. The fact that it’s placed up against the wooden wall allows for the balance of colors throughout the room.


14. Modern Storage Space

Here is a way to create a lot of storage space in a bedroom without having to keep it exposed. This storage space could be a closet or shelves, we can’t even tell from the outside. It looks chic and modern in the space without being distracting, and is fully functional at that.

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15. A Modern Bedspread

In this room, the main modern element is the bedspread. This black and white geometric bedspread could be brought into a variety of different bedroom types to increase the modern design. This is an easy way to change the style without having to change the rest of a bedroom.


16. A Modern Bedframe

Another way to quickly create a modern look in a bedroom is to bring in a modern bedframe such as this one. All that’s missing is a comfortable mattress and this modern bedroom would be good to go! We love the mirrored side tables and matching lamps and the chicness those bring into the room as well.


17. A Modern Getaway

This bedroom is modern in every way possible and utilizes a variety of different techniques to accomplish this. The grey bedspread is a great balance for the warm wood headboard. The abundance of glass and overhead lighting makes it feel like an exhibit as much as a bedroom.


18. Blending the Design with the Wall

The items used in this modern bedroom fit really nicely with the walls that exist in the room. In looks like they were designed together. They might have been, but even if they weren’t they were matched to intentionally create that feeling. The result is a very chic looking space.


19. A Modern But Cozy Bedroom

Sometimes a modern bedroom can lack the homey feeling, but this bedroom is a good example of how to blend modern and comfort. The colors and angles of the room look modern, but the cute images and cozy pillows make this modern bedroom feel like home.


20. A Luxe Modern Bedroom

It’s also possible to make a modern bedroom look super luxe, as demonstrated here. Using gold is one way that this was accomplished since adding in gold just automatically makes a space feel richer. Those gorgeous lights add to the luxe feeling and create light bounce off the gold to keep the eye moving through the room.

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