Decorating a teen girl’s bedroom can be a super fun project. There’s a huge transition between a tween and a teen, and often a teen’s taste starts to shift towards something that’s a little more grown up. That being said, a teen’s room will usually still retain an element of youthfulness. On top of that, a lot of teens spend a lot of time in their bedrooms, so the space needs to be designed to be livable for a variety of activities: sleeping, doing homework, hanging out with friends. The following images show some great inspiration for teen bedrooms that we love. They vary in their style and size, but all of them offer something specific that could be an awesome addition for any teen girl’s bedroom.

1. A Cohesive Color Scheme

This bedroom is pretty basic but playful thanks to its cohesive color scheme. This is a great example of how color can be mixed into the design of a space while still offering a serene and comforting feeling. In this case, the color is repeated on the bedspread, the art on the wall, and even the flowers to the side of the bed. It feels mature and organized, but as mentioned, still playful as well.


2. A Built-in Desk

Most teenage girls would love to have a desk in their bedroom that is just for them to use. This gorgeous teen girl bedroom has a built-in desk which looks seamless in the design while also being super useful. With the desk set into the wall (and being the same color as the wall), it doesn’t detract from the overall design of the space. It also allows for plenty of length and room to spread out.

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3. Pops of Mauve

The mauve in this bedroom is only a shade away from pink, but it allows for the space to feel a bit more grown-up than some pink bedrooms might. It’s the perfect color for a teenage girl. The lounge against the wall is an awesome addition to a teen girl’s bedroom since it provides some area for relaxing beyond just the bed.


4. Getting Creative With Photo Display

Teen girls tend to love taking photos and providing them a great place to display their work can handle a huge decorating portion of a room. Hanging string with tiny clips to hold photos is cost-efficient, totally customizable, and looks great. It’s a great way to create some interest in the design of a teen girl’s bedroom.


5. Hanging Lights in a Teen Girl’s Bedroom

Lighting is key in a teen girl’s bedroom, and you can’t really do too much when it comes to string lights. In this bedroom, we can see one hanging bulb that’s ideal for reading, and on the wall behind that there are some super fun and playful string lights. It creates a softness and also makes the room feel very decorated. It’s also super easy to do.


6. Draping Large Wall Art

The draping wall art in this teen girl’s bedroom is a great way to decorate the space with a theme without having to do anything permanent to the wall like painting or wallpaper. A hanging piece of art can be removed or swapped out at any time, and when it’s this big it can really add a strong vibe to the place. Only a couple other items are needed to carry that theme all the way through.


7. Proportional Furniture in a Teen Girl’s Bedroom

This teen girl bedroom looks a lot bigger than it is thanks to the way the layout has been arranged. This small daybed hardly takes up any room at all the way it’s placed against the wall, but it still provides a cozy sleeping area. A small desk and a small couch create a work and lounge area while still being unobtrusive in the space.


8. A Boho Inspired Teen Bedroom

This teen girl’s bedroom has a cool boho inspired look but is still pretty easy to put together. Adding the yarn wall hanging over the bed and the real branch on the all go a long way towards decorating the space and keeping it on theme. We love the rug under the bed for a cozy feel.

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9. A Fun Sitting Corner

The corner of this bedroom was clearly designed with fun in mind. It looks like the perfect spot for some teen friends to hangout, or even for one teen to get their homework done. Putting a sitting area into the corner of a teen bedroom ensures that it doesn’t take up too much space.


10. Making Use of a Smaller Space

It’s pretty impressive how much was fit into this teen bedroom. This bedroom has a bed, a desk, a hangin chair, a TV center…it’s got it all! The way they went about this design was not minding if all the walls were in use, and also not minding that the floor is being taken up on all sides. As fully functional as this is, who would miss it?


11. Creating a Headboard

Creating the headboard for a teen girl’s bedroom can be a great way to give her exactly what she wants, while still remaining flexible enough in case she later changes her mind. In this case a tall wood panel was covered by a yarn wall hanging. It’s easy and looks super put together.


12. Adding in Plenty of Shelves

Plenty of shelf space can be a great addition to the bedroom of a teenage girl. Teens often want to display photos of their friends or other trinkets in their bedrooms, and this provides the perfect way for them to do so. It also serves to decorate the space in addition to being functional.


13. Keeping it Neutral

Many of the teen girl bedrooms on this list are pink or bright, but this is a good example of a neutral grey can work really well too. The room is still cozy with that throw pillow, and starting off with a grey palette leaves a lot of room for different types of decorating down the line.


14. Creating Floor Space With a Loft

When the ceiling is high enough in a teen girl’s bedroom, adding in a loft for the bed can open up the floor space a lot. As seen here, lifting the bed created enough room for an office space and a mirror. Sometimes getting creative with the placement of items in a bedroom can go a long way towards making it feel like the perfect fit.

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15. Keeping it Simple and Comfortable

This teen girl bedroom is a great example of how to keep it simple and comfortable while seeing being cute. The giant furry rug on the floor makes the entire room for cozy and welcoming, and those light pink gauzy curtains are the perfect pop of color on an otherwise white wall.


16. Room For Two

This layout is great for a teen girl bedroom when it’s better to have room for two. This could be for sisters, or it could be for the teen who has a lot of friends over. (And many of them do!) The beds are perfectly matching and with the rug centered in between them the final result is pretty chic.


17. A Bright Painted Wall

One way to brighten up a teen girl’s bedroom is to paint the wall (or a couple of them) in a super bright color. In this example the purple color is balanced from the wall to the bedspread and to the carpet as well. It’s a great option if a teen has a super strong preference for one color over another.


18.  Super Fun Wallpaper

In a teen girl bedroom the sky is limit with creativity. We love this wallpaper printed with the names of big cities. It’s a neutral shade so it doesn’t look too distracting, but it’s still fun and might even be inspiring for the teen with big dreams of moving to one of those cities one day.


19. A Cute and Busy Bedspread

This teen girl bedroom is pretty basic when you get down to it, but a cute and busy bedspread creates a ton of visual interest in the room. Adding on some large pieces of wall art help to further extend the aesthetic, and since they’re above the bed it sort of creates the illusion that the bedboard goes up to the ceiling as well.


20. An Inspirational Platform Bed

This wood platform is the perfect spot for placing a comfortable mattress and making the bed feel like a getaway. Coupled with those plants and the hanging lights one could imagine hanging out in this bedroom all the time! We’d call this an inspirational teen girl bedroom if we’ve ever seen one.

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