Attic bedrooms can pose a few different challenges when it comes to decorating a space. For one thing, there are the slanted ceilings that generally make an appearance, as well as the fact that sometimes the stairs enter an attic bedroom right in the center of the room. It takes a different setup to make sure that all the necessary furniture fits into an attic bedroom that it does in a traditional square or rectangle bedroom. In addition to the shape of the attic bedrooms, there is also the idea of light to deal with. Some attics are not built with windows at all, or they might just have one smaller one. Some people choose to do a bit of construction and add in some more windows to increase that natural light. Others bring in a lot of artificial light to brighten up the space. We have at least one example on this list of an attic room where the darkness was actually embraced. Everyone has a slightly different taste when it comes to how they’d like an attic bedroom to turn out, but the following examples offer some really great inspiration for a variety of interesting attic bedroom spaces.

1. Turn the Wall into a Bookcase

It’s not always easy to make good use of the wall under a slanted ceiling, but turning it into a bookcase is a pretty brilliant move. That not only offers a way to make use of that wall, but it brings in a lot of storage space to the type of room that is often lacking in closet and storage space.


2. Turn it into a Retreat

Here is an example of an attic bedroom where giant glass panels were built into the wood roof. As you can see it’s a great way to let in light in, this would be one dark attic without them! Putting the bed into the middle of the room on a platform helps it feel like a retreat rather than an odd arrangement.

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3. Making an Attic Feel Like Home

Besides the slanted ceilings in this room, there’s no other hint that this bedroom is located at the peak of the house. One way that this was accomplished was changing up the wall paint color. Additionally, all the curated items in the room such as plants and artwork really add to the homey feel as well.


4. Adding in Two Beds

The use of space becomes really important in an attic bedroom, and sometimes the best way to use it is to double up on the sleeping arrangements. Single beds tend to fit better against those angles walls anyway, and keeping them tucked to the wall allows for plenty of space to move freely between them.


5. Embracing the Darkness

In a room like there will never be a lot of natural light. You can either aim to combat that by bringing in as much artificial light as possible, or you can just embrace the darkness of the space like they’ve done here. The dark color walls and dark bedspread all help to make the attic feel intentionally dark, and when it feels intentional it feels like a sleep sanctuary.


6. Decorating the Beams

The beams in an attic or slanted ceiling bedroom are there for structural support, so there’s not a lot of getting around them. When they are there to stay it makes sense to embrace them and use them. Here is an example of how they can be used to hang decorations and make an attic bedroom feel a bit cozier.


7. Turning the Attic Into a Luxury Retreat

This has to be one of the most gorgeous attic bedrooms we’ve ever seen. In a large home, the attic tends to be pretty large as well, and this is a great example of how to utilize that space in entirely. They didn’t stop at a bedroom but added in a living room as well. The hanging chair and the chandelier make some bold and beautiful statements.


8. Beams to Create the Illusion of a Flat Ceiling

Beams are often necessary for an attic, but they can also be used to create the illusion of a flat ceiling. Here they didn’t stop with the beams going a single direction but decided to place them going the opposite direction as well. It helps to bring the height of the ceiling down to a flat level and makes it feel more cozy.

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9. Decorating in Light Colors

This attic bedroom has been decorated in all light colors so as to allow the light to make as big of an impact in the space as possible. The walls and ceiling  have been painted the same white color, and then the bed and even the chair were chosen in lighter off-white and beige shades as well.


10. Embracing the Nook

This attic bedroom space is quite small, but this design really embraces the nook by using it all up. It’s easy to see that filling the space with a bed can create a really cozy feeling. You’ll notice that the bed has been kept low to the floor as to avoid losing too much headspace to move around.

11. Decorating With Fun Lights

This attic bedroom has a pretty big window slanted right over the bed, but they’ve included lots of fun lights to make sure that there is plenty of light at all hours of the day. Having too many standard lamps in a space at one time can make a room feel crowded, but mixing up a few different styles of lamps works great.


12. Keeping the Bed Low to the Floor

Putting a bed on a normal bed frame can end up being too tall within an attic bedroom or any room that has a slanted ceiling. When that’s the case it’s often preferable to just put a comfortable mattress directly on the floor. Of course when the mattress is expected to stand alone like that it should be a great one that will feel great but also be durable.


13. Adding in Extra Windows

When construction is possible, adding in some extra windows can be a great way to transform an attic bedroom. Sometimes attics don’t come with any windows at all. Once windows are put into an attic it can become the brightest room in the house since there’s nothing to get in the way of the light.


14. Making Use of Every Nook and Cranny

In a limited space such as this attic bedroom, you’ll want to make sure that you’re using the space for all it’s worth. In this example, you can see that this is being done. Choosing items to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing at once will help cut down on the number of things you need in the room at any given time.

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15. Embracing the Wall Shape

In this bedroom, there is a strong slanted wall but the windows still stand vertically. This could make planning the layout a bit challenging, but generally, the best thing to do is just embrace the wall shape. Placing the desk up against that area was a good call since the headspace needed around the desk is pretty low.


16. Turn it into a Room for a Child

The space in an attic bedroom can be limited, but that’s why it can be the ideal spot for a child. (They tend to be shorter, and therefore won’t mind that slanted ceiling quite as much!) They might even enjoy the fact that it’s a bit removed from the rest of the house and enjoy to privacy up there.


17. Keep it Simple

This attic bedroom has just a simple bedroom, but the design aesthetic is so clean and white that it looks super bright. The key here is that they’ve kept things pretty simple. The less clutter that shows up in a bedroom, the more expansive the room can feel.


18. Work Around the Stairs

In some attic bedrooms, like this one shown here, the staircase into the room takes up some of the space. As usual, it’s best to work with the given elements rather than fight against them. The railing can actually serve to separate the room a bit and create some privacy for the bed area. Adding some string lights on it make it fun and visible so that no one bumps into it.


19. Keeping Some Natural Wood

Most of this attic bedroom is a super bright white, but they made the choice to keep that a-line frame a natural wood color. It works in the sense that creates the illusion of privacy around the bed, almost like having a four poster bed with drapes hanging down.


20. Bringing in Lots of Color

This attic bedroom was designed to be liveable, and they succeeded in making it feel quite homey by bringing in a lot of different elements with bright colors. They’ve kept most of the items close to the floor to make sure that they don’t shorten the wall space, but then they’ve been stacked all the way around the room. The final look is cozy and cute.

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