Purple can be a great color for a bedroom. The color is known to be regal and lush, but it can also look welcoming and homey and depending on how it’s used. The following images below offer some great inspiration for decorating a bedroom with the color purple, whether you’re starting from scratch or just looking for a quick bedspread change. We’re all for being adventurous and trying things out when it comes to design, so we’d encourage anyone who’s interested to give purple a try. Some of these examples will show how very bold that choice can be, (such as painting entire walls purple), while others will show how easy it is to blend purple into an otherwise neutral bedroom. (By using grey tones or smaller purple items.) Whether you’re interested in a small purple pop or you want to go all out with the color, we’ve got some awesome purple bedroom inspiration for you.

1. A Stately Purple Bed

In this purple bedroom, the bed is the main attraction. It looks bold against all that white and yet it’s also calm and cozy at the same time. All things that are great in a bedroom! That headboard can be dressed up or dressed down, and this case it looks super comfortable thanks to all those fluffy pillows and textured blankets thrown on top.


2. Grey Infused Purples

This bedroom utilizes a lot of neutral colors, so it makes sense that the purples that they chose were infused with grey. This allows the purple to seamlessly flow into the mirrored and silver items in the room, which nicely balance out the nude shades. The effect is impactful yet soft at the same time.


3. Just a Pop of Purple

This beautiful bedroom intentionally added in that purple headboard, but that’s about it. A lot of the beauty in this bedroom has to do with the structure and having those floor to ceiling windows. It’s smart not to have the accesories in the room compete with all that. The pop of purple brings just the right amount of color to the bed area.

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4. Vibrant Details

This bedroom went vibrant by adding in purple and pink florals and a purple chair. Reupholstering a chair is always an option when you’re redecorating. Swapping out the seat cover on a chair can be an easy way to update or restore a previously used piece of furniture. In this room, the gold accents pair really nicely with the floral items, creating a sweet and fun seating area.


5. Purple Through Wall Art

This bedroom uses a slate grey and neutrals for its main design, so bringing some color in through art was a great touch. The dark purple of the flowers in the painting look really nice with both the neutral beige and the grey, and seamlessly match of it together.


6. Varying Shades in the Purple Family

This bedroom uses a deep grape purple for the wall and then lightens up into magenta territory for the bed. Using different shades within the same color family in that way can draw the eyes down and through the bedroom, which can make it feel bigger when it is done correctly.


7. The Lilac Bed

This gorgeous lilac bed in the center of attention in this bedroom. With a grey wall and wood floor it makes sense to bring in a colorful bed. It somehow looks lively and relaxing at the same time. The purple color is echoed in the art on the wall and the flowers by the bed, making the purple theme feel natural in the space.


8. The Powerful Purple Wall

This bedroom went all in with a powerful purple wall, and then added a few purple accents to keep the color flowing throughout the room. Different shades of purple and a blue accent color make this bedroom feel dynamic and interesting. Using plenty of neutrals ensures that everything remains balanced.


9. Purple By Way of Patterns

This bedroom uses both the color purple and a lot of patterns. Purple can be an intense color in a room if it isn’t broken up at all, so these patterns show exactly how to do that. Using the purple in a swirl pattern and a geometric pattern allows other colors to mix in and soften the shade, while still showing off a ton of visual interest.

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10. Bringing in the Cozy With Purple

This chunky purple knit is all the best kinds of cozy for a bedroom. With a blanket that bold and a couple pillows to match this bedroom screams purple without having any other purple in it at all. It’s a good option when you like to switch things up a lot or if you’re in a hurry to make a change in the color department.


11. The Geometric Purple Bedroom

This purple bedroom is a good example of how to mix a color with a pattern and leave the rest of the room more simple. In this case, the pattern that they went with was a geometric one. It’s reflected on both the bed and the rug on the floor, which allows for the rest of the room to be decorated in solid purple color tones.


12. The Multi-Layered Berry Bedroom

This bedroom is definitely decorated within the purple family, but there are more berry tones used here which allow for adding in some redder tones as well. There is a lot going on in the bedroom, from the patterns to the decorations, but keeping it all within the same color family ensures that it doesn’t look overly crowded.


13. Purple From Top to Bottom

This bedroom is pretty much purple in every single way, from the floor to the wall and the everything in between. The key to making that work is alternating shades of purple so it doesn’t look to one note. Additionally, adding in that orange chair and a couple of lamps nicely breaks up the purple while still letting it shine.


14. Strong Purple Curtains

This purple bedroom design decided to go all out with these strong purple curtains. This is a bold and darkr shade of purple that could look too intense over large areas of the room, but it works well as curtains because they can be offset by the light that comes in through the windows.


15. Subtle Purple Elements

This bedroom is a pretty bright white bedroom but with plenty of purple elements that still feel subtle in the space. The bed is a very soft lavender that almost has some grey tones in it, which looks great with the darker pops of purple in those pillows and of course the bold purple rug on the floor. Having the boldest color of purple on the floor allows for a bit of  gradation effect as the eyes move upward through the space.

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16. Purple to Liven Up a Cool Space

With the big brick wall, this bedroom could feel a bit industrial and cool, but the purple bed makes it feel more welcoming and lively. It’s quite easy to swap out those bed elements if you ever feel like changing the color too, which makes this a good option for non-committal design choices. Adding in the pink and white flowers next to the bed adds in some extra warmth while still staying close to the color tones of the rest of the room.


17. The Classy Purple Bedroom

This purple bedroom took every chance it could to be classy, from the chandelier to the silver bedframe. Some of its purple tones are nice and dark while others veer more into the pink category which all together balances out really nicely. It’s interesting how comfortable and inviting this bedroom is despite being obviously fancy.


18. The Purple and Gold Bedroom

This bedroom uses a couple different shades of both purple and both to decorate the space, which is then balanced with the golds they’ve placed in there as well. It helps the purple color feel a bit more refined and mature in an otherwise basic bedroom. The mirrored bedstand helps to reflect the gold of the bed frame as well.


19. The Lavender Wall

This bedroom took a more subtle route with the purple but it’s still a very impactful shade. The wall is covered with a light lavender and then has that design around the top that almost makes it feel like a castle inspired cottage. Simple whites and floral print through the rest of the room make for a sweet and comfortable feeling bedroom.


20. Full On Regal Purple Bedroom

This purple bedroom really embraced the regal vibe that purple can give off and then took it to the next level. There are layers of purple in here, many of which are embossed with prints or designs. It might feel like too much if there was much else in the room, but all the day to day stuff is hidden away to allow this royal bedroom design to shine.

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