Green can be an excellent color choice for decorating the bedroom. It has its natural origins which can bring in a sense of connectedness and serenity. It can also be bold and command a lot of attention like any other jewel tone. (In some cases, it even evokes a royal vibe.) Green can be peaceful and regal at the same time, so anyone looking for either of those feelings in their life could benefit a lot from bringing it into the decoration of the bedroom. The following examples offer some incredible inspiration towards different options when it comes to coming up with green bedroom ideas. In some of them the green decorating is mostly focused on the bed itself, while in other rooms it’s entire walls that are covered in the color. Some of these are quick and easy design swaps while others would require a more extensive decorating plan. All of them look beautiful in their own ways and offer up some ideas that are sure to be inspiring when it comes to coming up with green bedroom ideas of your own.

1. The Opulent Green Bedroom

This green bedroom does not shy away from its boldness. The type of green bed frame that is extending up the wall here has some vintage inspired vibes that say all things opulent. The bed is clearly the focus in this gorgeous bedroom and anyone who sleeps in there is sure to feel calm and classy at the same time.


2. Going Neon Green in the Bedroom

Sometimes deep greens feel good in the bedroom, and sometimes neon green is the way to go. In this bedroom they decided to incorporate a lot of it. It might seem like a bold choice to use this much neon in a room, but it might have looked too out of place if they were just using small pops of it. Here it becomes the main color in the color and ends up owing the space.

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3. The Green Alcove

In this otherwise bright white bedroom, a green alcove was added in to create a calm and cozy feeling for the bed. It almost creates the effect of a cave in the best way possible. There’s no mistaking that sleep is on the agenda if you happen to end up crawling into this bed. A simple frame with a comfortable mattress on top rounds out up a minimal yet beautiful sleeping area.


4. Going Soft Green

This green bedroom is basically covered in green, and they accomplished this by going with a super light and soft green color. The light green paint seems to warm with the light that is coming in through the window, so it has warmer tones to it rather than cool ones, which would have a very different feeling in this bedroom. The hanging plants tie the theme together and make the space feel calm and collected.


5. Mixing Green and Gold

This bedroom is a great example of how green can look royal as opposed to outdoorsy. Mixing in the gold adds a very distinct and regal vibe. There are also a lot of geometric lines being used in this bedroom which is going to offer a very different feeling than if more shapes were utilized that are more commonly found in nature. It’s clearly human designed, and in this case, that’s a great thing.


6. Pairing Deep Green with White

The green walls in this bedroom are about as dark as can be. Any darker and they would end up being black. It’s a very specific choice to make for a bedroom since it definitely sets the nighttime mood. In this case they balanced out the darkness with a bit of sweetness and softness by making the comfortable on the bed a simple and smooth white.


7. Embracing the Natural Vibes

This room went all natural with the green rather than painting a wall. The lush backdrop of leaves makes the bedroom feel like it could have come straight from a fairytale of some sort. There’s definitely that whimsicle element to it while also looking modern. This was accomplished by some careful balancing of the elements, like having a stone design on the wall rather than wood.


8. Setting the Mood With a Nature Backdrop

Here is another green bedroom that took the natural route, except in this case they decided to use a print of an outdoor scene. This is a great option when you want to make a dramatic change to a bedroom but you don’t want to wallpaper it or hang too much art. One large image can get the job done in an instant.

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9. The Tropical Green Bedroom

This green bedroom design took the more tropical route. They used the green leaves both by putting some live plants in the room and also by using a bedspread with those same green leaves as well. The rest of the bedroom is simple with the grey and earth tones, which allows it to feel chic rather than overly themed.


10. The Simple Pop of Green

This bedroom clearly has green as its main color, but it’s used it rather minimally. The bedroom is so neutral everywhere else that everything supports the simple color pops. The green really only makes an appearance with the blanket, pillow covers, and the green plants in the pictures on the wall.


11. The Cozy Green Bedspread

This bedroom uses its green to create a super cozy, even wintery feeling bedroom. It looks like it could be a cozy cabin setup somewhere, but then again that could just be the feeling that they’re trying to evoke. Paired with the grey and brown it all feels very natural and comfortable like this green bedroom is simply meant to be.


12. A Jewel Toned Green Wall

Green can be used as a gorgeous jewel tone, which in this case is nicely elevated by the use of gold accents and artwork in the bedroom. There’s something formal and regal feeling about it, which allows for a little more playfulness to take place in the bedroom while still looking mature and refined.


13. The Sweet Floral Green Room

This bedroom uses green in the sweetest way, by bringing in a light green and floral bedspread. It looks nice in this bedroom which has very geometric designs on the wall. There’s almost a vintage inspired quality to the whole setup, and then there’s a freshness brought in my placing the cactus in there too.


14. The All-Green Everything Room

This smaller bedroom uses green as much as possible, but they used different shades of green so that it doesn’t get too overwhelming. Some of those green shades, such as the curtains, are so muted that you might not even notice that it’s green at all. But when all of the different shades are placed together there is a gentle and comforting flow between them, which is great for feeling at home in such a small space.


15. The Green Boho Bedroom

Green is also a great bedroom color when you’re going for a more boho look. It is such a natural color that it’s easy to layer and matchup with all of these other natural colors that are brought in through the wood of the bed frame and the basket on the floor. The room looks simple but decorated at the same time.

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16. The Artistic Green Bedroom

This bedroom really embraced the whole artistic vibe and went all out with its design. The gold on the ceiling is gorgeous, and having it drip down over the green is a very cool and statement-making design. The rest of the bedroom matches but is kept pretty minimal to allow this bold room to speak for itself.


17. The Perfect Green Balance

This green bedroom is perfectly balanced with pink and brown. There is a very specific design layout in this bedroom but it ends up feeling welcoming and fun rather than stuffy and too pristine to live in. There is an interesting use of paint in how they broke up the wall right behind the bed with two different colors. It just goes to show you that the opportunities are really endless when you’re creating a bedroom design.


18. The All Green Wall

In this bedroom there is one very strong green wall which includes the wall itself, a lamp, and the bed frame. The rest of the room doesn’t necessarily include any green at all. Sometimes this tactic is used to move the eye around a room strategically. In this case with the open shelves near the bed, the green allows for a perceived separation between those spaces which can make the room feel bigger.


19. The Light and Bright Green Bedroom

This green bedroom took a very different approach than a lot of the other rooms we’ve looked at so far. It’s very light and bright, almost to the point of being both pastel and turquoise at the same time. This look would work well in a vacation home, guest bedroom, or anywhere where a little upbeat pop is desired in the space.


20. The Pink and Green Bedroom

This pink and green bedroom is all kinds of lush boho dreams. Most of the green, of course, is coming in with the use of plants, which are strategically placed all over the room to keep the color flowing throughout. It stops at looking like an actual jungle thanks to the fact that the rest of the room is a light sweet pink. It has a getaway feeling that is easy to create at home.

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