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What is a Lightweight Stroller?

Unlike your standard stroller, a lightweight stroller is more compact, easier to maneuver through small spaces, and folds up smaller to save storage space.

If you live in a city,  you most likely look for ways to save space however you can.  This is why lightweight strollers are often marketed towards parents in urban areas.   Whether you need to save space storing baby items (like a large stroller) in your apartment, or are looking to simply take up less space on a busy city sidewalk, you have to make choices that give you the freedom and mobility that is the best fit for your lifestyle.

Lightweight strollers are the ultimate traveling strollers.  Since they are weigh less and fold well, you can have the form you need and choose which stroller meets the functionality to suit your lifestyle best.  These strollers are great for pushing your child through a busy airport with your necessities, while also being able to easily fold it up and carry it along as you board your plane.  Lightweight strollers are also great for stashing away quickly in your car, or if you ride a train or bus, because they are made to fold quickly for light, easy storage.

If you’re looking to get out of the house with your child and as little baggage as possible, you should look into purchasing one of the high quality strollers listed below.

Best Lightweight Strollers 2018

Lightweight Stroller Recommendation Price (Estimate)
Baby Jogger City Mini 3W Best Overall $218
Britax B-Agile Double Stroller Best Double $233
UPPAbaby G-LUX Stroller Best Reclining $255
Pockit Lightweight Stroller Best for Travel $179
Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller Best Cheap $79
Baby Jogger City Mini GT Stroller Best for Tall People $248

Most Requested Types of Lightweight Strollers

Double Strollers

Lightweight Double Strollers are the best option for parents who have two children not able to keep up with you as you’re shuffling through your day.  They’re an excellent option if you have to lift your stroller into your vehicle because they fold up more compactly and are lighter weight than traditional double strollers.  Lightweight double strollers are usually made to maneuver tight corners and some can fit through standard sized doors, which often hinder the practicality of the traditional double stroller.

Reclining Strollers

A Lightweight Reclining Stroller is much needed for parents who are on the go during nap time.  Many parents, like me, have activities that keep you out for many hours at a time…going to the zoo for a day, running errands around town, or heading to an older child’s baseball game.  These activities are a part of many parents lives, yet you still have to manage to find time for your little one to rest. Often times naps in the stroller are a must and require a stroller to have a recline feature.  Some strollers recline by releasing a strap with one continuing motion, and some have 3 (or so) positions that you can choose how flat to lay your child. If you’re often on the go and would expect your child to occasionally nap or rest in your stroller, definitely consider the reclinability features!

Strollers for Travel

Lightweight Strollers for Travel are important if you are adventure seekers!  If you wish to show your child the world through travel, or even if your busy life just requires you to be in and out of cars, buses, trains, or airplanes with your little one in tow, then you may need to find a practical solution for taking him/her along on your adventure.  You can find travel strollers to accommodate any need. The most important travel options to pay attention to is the weight and compatibility. You also want it to be easy and quick to fold and unfold.

Cheap Strollers

A Lightweight Cheap Stroller may be right for you if you’re on a budget and aren’t concerned about all of the high-end features, but still need to have something lightweight.  Considering a cheaper option may also be good if you will only use the stroller occasionally. Or you may want an inexpensive stroller to have around if you don’t want to damage your main stroller at a busy event or outdoor activity.  Cheap strollers may not be quite as comfortable as the more expensive options, but there are many to choose from that can still fit your individual needs.

Strollers for Tall People

Lightweight Strollers for Tall People are simply found in searching for strollers with adjustable handlebars.  If you can extend or adjust the handlebars, you can make them the perfect size for your height.  This feature is not very common, so you may have to spend a little more to get what you need for your comfort.  It’s definitely worth it so you’re not having to hunch over as you and your child are getting where you need to go!

Features to Consider

The most important features are different for each buyer.  These are the most common features that will help you pick the right stroller for your needs.

What does it weigh?

Lightweight strollers commonly weigh between 10 and 20 pounds.  If you plan on carrying your stroller often, you will want to focus your search on the lighter end of this scale.  There are many other times that weight makes a difference. Will you be loading the stroller into your vehicle often?  Do you live up a flight of stairs? A traditional stroller can often weigh around 30 pounds, so a lightweight stroller could make your life much easier if you will be lifting it often.

How big is it?

Does it fit your child’s needs for their weight now and as they grow?  Is the seat large enough? Also, if you will be in and out of doorways, make sure the width of the stroller can maneuver easily through the space you need it to.  I’ve had issues with strollers as I’m going through clothing aisles. It’s definitely nice to have a stroller that fits through small spaces so you can easily go anywhere you’d like.

Is it comfortable for your little one?

If your top priority is comfort for your child, pay attention to what materials the seat is made out of, as well as if it includes padding.  Does the seat recline for nap time? Does the footrest adjust for your child’s size? Also, you will need to decide which wheels best fit your child’s comfort needs.  You can determine that by what choosing the type of terrain you will most often be walking on. Another factor in comfort is how well the sun shade works. If you will be taking walks outside, it’s very important for your child to have protection from the sun.

Does it have storage space?

Is there a basket to hold your extra belongings on the bottom?  If you know you will be carrying lots of extras, make sure your stroller can accommodate your needs.  Is there storage near the handles for parent items? Be careful with how much storage space you expect out of an umbrella stroller, because they are specifically made to be streamlined and less bulky than traditional strollers.

Is it safe?

Safety is a major consideration in what type of stroller you purchase. Make sure your stroller suits the terrain you will be on so that your wheels can perform how they were meant to, ensuring your child is as safe as possible.  Also be sure that your child is old enough to ride in the umbrella stroller you select. Not many umbrella strollers accommodate an infant car seat, so if that is important to you, make sure you choose one that will be compatible with the car seat you have.


Another thing to keep in mind is that you can purchase additional accessories, sometimes even for a specific stroller or brand, to add on to fit your needs.  You can add on a parent organizer to strap on near the handlebars, a cup holder for your (much needed) coffee, hooks to hang your diaper bag or purse, a snack tray for your baby, and even a mosquito net to protect your baby on summer nights.

Best Lightweight Strollers 2018

Baby Jogger City Mini 3W

Best Overall Lightweight Stroller

The Baby Jogger City Mini has the perfect balance of form and function.  It has a smooth, comfortable ride, and is built with high quality materials.  It provides plenty of storage, all in a lightweight package (half the weight of a standard non-umbrella stroller!).  Also, it has well designed tires that help this stroller be lightweight, agile, and compact when folded.

Baby Jogger also sells accessories you may need to go with their stroller.  One favorite option is that you can purchase whichever car seat adaptor is compatible with your car seat.  Other items available as add ons are: a parent console, child tray, and weather shield, among others.


  • Stroller Weight: 17.6 lbs
  • Child weight capacity: 50 lbs
  • Car seat adaptor
  • Padded comfortable seat
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Easy to fold for travel or storage
  • Large sun visor that extends when needed
  • Seat reclines to almost flat
  • Peek a boo window


  • Doesn’t stand up when folded

Britax B-Agile Double Stroller

Best Lightweight Double Stroller

If you are needing room to accommodate 2 children, take a look at all the features of Britax’s double lightweight stroller.  It has everything you would need, with plenty of storage for parents and kids. It also folds down easily, and is made of lightweight aluminum so that you’re able to transport it wherever your travels lead.

Comfort for your children (as well as parents!) is definitely Britax’s top priority with this stroller!  Many reviewers rave about how easy it is to maneuver. The wheels are foam filled, no-flat rubber, and offer a very comfortable ride.  The handlebars adjust for parent comfort, and there are many add-ons available to suit your needs.


  • Stroller Weight: 26 lbs
  • Child weight capacity: 100 lbs (50 lbs per seat)
  • Compact design allows stroller to fit through standard sized doors
  • Height adjustable handlebars for parents
  • Padded comfortable seats
  • Adjustable footrests
  • Easy to fold
  • 2 Large sun visors
  • Seats individually recline
  • Peek a boo windows


  • No car seat adaptor

UPPAbaby G-LUX Stroller

Best Lightweight Reclining Stroller

This stroller has an easy to use, one-handed seat recline with adjustable footrest to accommodate your child’s ever-changing needs. If your child gets tired while you’re out and about, it’s very simple to recline the seat without disrupting naptime.  You can begin using this high performance stroller from age 3 months in the full recline position.

UPPAbaby has truly thought about all the needs for a traveling family with this stroller.  Not only does the seat adjust to accommodate a child all day, it also folds easily, has a smooth ride, is easy to clean, and comes with comfortable handlebars and a cup holder.  It truly is everything you need for an all day adventure!


  • Stroller Weight: 15 lbs
  • Child weight capacity: 55 lbs
  • 3 recline positions
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Padded comfortable seat
  • Easy to fold
  • Stands when folded
  • Extendable sun visor
  • Removable fabric for easy cleaning


  • No side headrests
  • No car seat adaptor

Pockit Lightweight Stroller

Best Lightweight Stroller for Travel

The “world’s smallest folding stroller,” the Pockit stroller, is an excellent choice for parents who live a life full of world travels.  Since traveling with childrens isn’t always the simplest task, this stroller fits in any plane or train overhead bin in order to assure your trip goes as simply as possible.

If your main goal in owning an umbrella stroller is to get from point A to point B with as little to carry as possible, this is the stroller you need.  It can even fit into some handbags!


  • Weight: 9.5 lbs!
  • Child weight capacity: 55 lbs
  • The most compact folding stroller on the market
  • Shoulder strap for easy carrying
  • Made of strong, durable materials
  • Small sun visor


  • Seat doesn’t recline
  • Not much storage
  • No car seat adaptor

Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

Best Lightweight Cheap Stroller

You don’t have to spend hundreds to get an all around quality product.  The Summer Infant 3D Lite could cover all your needs, and has incredibly high reviews.  You may want to purchase a budget friendly stroller if you’re worried about your main stroller getting damaged during travel.  If you need something lightweight and compact, this stroller is a great option at a good price.

Even with the less expensive price tag, this stroller still boasts a lightweight frame.  Your child will be comfortable with a reclinable seat and sun visor. The stroller also comes with a storage pocket for parents’ items and a cup holder.


  • Weight: 13 lbs
  • Child weight capacity: 50 lbs
  • Lots of storage space
  • Seat reclines
  • Large, adjustable sun visor
  • Easy to fold


  • No peek a boo window
  • Doesn’t stand up when folded
  • No car seat adaptor

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Stroller

Best Lightweight Stroller for Tall People

Similar to our recommendation for the Best Overall Umbrella Stroller, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT has a few more upgrades over the City Mini 3W.  The key feature to get excited about here is the adjustable handlebars. This makes it an excellent choice for taller parents so you won’t have to hunch over as you stroll around on all your adventures.

Other upgrades to this model include all terrain forever-air wheels, hand-operated parking brake, and the child’s seat is taller with a higher weight capacity.

Don’t forget all the other amazing features as well!  This is a high-end, comfortable stroller that is easy to maneuver and lightweight for all your traveling needs.  The sunshade expands to protect your child on a beautiful, sunny day. It has a simple, compact fold and is easily carried along.  It is also customizable to suit your ever-changing needs as your child grows.


  • Stroller Weight: 22.5 lbs
  • Child weight capacity: 65 lbs
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Car seat adaptor
  • Padded comfortable seat
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Easy to fold for travel or storage
  • Large sun visor that extends when needed
  • Seat reclines to almost flat
  • Peek a boo window


  • Doesn’t stand up when folded

Choosing the Perfect Lightweight Stroller

Since life with a child can be cumbersome, a lightweight stroller may be a great option for your busy lifestyle.  They offer lightweight mobility while still including a lot of the features found in standard strollers. You are sure to need an umbrella stroller from time to time if you wish to travel, go on day trips to teach your child about the world, or even for day to day tasks.

There are many options available to suit your needs, so be sure to think about what you need it for and review each of these strollers’ information to make the best choice for your lifestyle.

Did this article help you with your stroller search?  Do you have additional questions? Let us know in the comments below.

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